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On being happy

Two recent events have made me pause and ponder, so if you don’t mind a little philosophy… By now, pretty much the whole world has seen the video of gymnast Katelyn Ohashi scoring a perfect 10 at the Collegiate Challenge. … Continue reading

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The strange invisibility of Rui Costa

As an American, I’m used to seeing my countryfolk focused on and featured in various international athletic events. Eurosport and British coverage of such events always make sure to put the camera on American competitors as well as those of … Continue reading

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Le Tour is coming!…and other tidbits

Tomorrow is a day my wife and I look forward to all year: the start of the Tour de France. For the next three weeks, we will arrange our work and social lives around the television as we absorb gorgeous … Continue reading

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Volta ao Algarve

Guess what whizzed by our flat today? The Volta ao Algarve (Tour of Algarve)! We literally walked out our front door and down the block to see it. As always, the entire peloton was past us in about about three … Continue reading

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A skater to watch for

There are a lot of troubling issues around the Sochi Olympics: Putin’s pogrom against gays, the terrible environmental degradation of what was billed as the most environmentally sustainable games ever, the terrorism concerns, the fact that this is a vanity … Continue reading

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Cyclist Rui Costa has just brought home Portugal’s first ever Road World Championship in what has to be the most stressful finish to a road race I’ve ever watched. I’m still tense! He displayed brilliant tactics, steel nerve and incredible … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

…sitting on the couch all sweaty and stinky from a good bike ride, and enjoying a well-earned scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while watching the Tour de France riders get far sweatier and stinkier than me. And what … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong has been erased

We’ve been noticing something odd about this Tour de France: Lance Armstrong has been erased. It’s like he never existed. Nobody mentions him on TV or in the press, and the Eurosport channel never shows footage of him from past … Continue reading

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Why we love the Tour de France

While I love cycling, I’m not a racer and I don’t normally enjoy watching races, but both my wife and I love watching the Tour de France. Besides the sheer athleticism necessary for three solid weeks of Herculean effort, besides … Continue reading

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Bodies at altitude

Last night I was catching up on Atlas Obscura and came across an amazing post about the bodies of Mt. Everest. Of course I’ve read that Everest is littered with frozen bodies (it’s too dangerous to try to retrieve them, … Continue reading

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