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Tom Toles says it all

Tom Toles is a genius. No other US political cartoonist has ever mastered his ability to sum up a complex political situation or event with a single panel comic. Yesterday’s comic was particularly illustrative of his talent. It’s been interesting … Continue reading

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The highlights of the DOMA decision

I was one of those people waiting by my computer at 10:00 EST — the moment that the decision on the challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act was announced — and downloaded the file as soon as I could … Continue reading

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Good news

Jeez, this has been an awful week for my home nation. The Boston Marathon bombing, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, and now the Senate Republicans’ sneering, in-your-face proof that a 90% American public preference and a 54-vote Senate majority still … Continue reading

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Obama pardons the sequester and sends it to Portugal

A late-night talk show host sends a “reporter” out into the street with a completely nonsensical question: What do you think about Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal? For my non-US readers: The sequester is a kind … Continue reading

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The look of love

The news out of Washington, just north of my home state, has been a delight to watch this week. After finally overthrowing its own mini-DOMA in November, Washington’s government has been preparing for the day when the new law would … Continue reading

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The morning after

Last night I just couldn’t make it, crashing around 03:00 despite my best efforts. I watched the colors slowly fill in on the maps, sweeping westward across the nation, but things were still very much up in the air when … Continue reading

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We interrupt this blog for a national election

I’m heading into my traditional quadrennial stressfest, during which I will be obsessively checking blogs, news sites, exit polls, and “reporter on the street” articles as I wait for my nation (and a few really critical states) to decide which … Continue reading

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A tipping point?

When the Twitterverse exploded with this image two days ago, I thought it was a joke. Surely it was something from the satirical web site The Onion, because no way would a serious American business magazine have a cover like … Continue reading

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The unsung heroes of Sandy

While going through the avalanche of Sandy news today — the flooding, the power outages, the destroyed homes, the fires — I only came across three references to a fact that for me had stood out above all others: that … Continue reading

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An ad too far

I’ve been watching the US election cycle with a wary eye, grateful for my distance from it (US elections mean a constant, unrelenting bombardment of TV and radio ads, yard signs, highway billboards, mail flyers — and total misery for … Continue reading

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