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Energy disruption

This is a long video at 40 minutes, but it is a fascinating and fast-moving talk on the massive disruptions caused by wind and solar in the electrical power markets, as well as the disruption caused by batteries, tech, and … Continue reading

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The sunlit path

Watching my home nation undergo a tidal change in social understanding has been an amazing experience. There are very few times in our lives when we can know, without a doubt, that we are watching history in the making. When … Continue reading

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Scotland referendum results in one image

This might be the most perfect thing I’ll see all week. I sincerely hope that as Scotland is reinstalled, the divisions caused by the campaign don’t cause any bugs. Or perhaps I should say, more bugs than already existed. May … Continue reading

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A civilized debate

Toward the end of our Scotland trip, our group of four was making the drive from the Cairngorms back down to Edinburgh, where we would return our rental car. Before we cleared the Cairngorms we ran into an enormous traffic … Continue reading

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May Day

Today is a state holiday in Portugal: Dia do Trabalhador, meaning Day of the Worker…or Labor Day. It’s observed by many other nations in Europe as well, and honors the ideals of social justice and the national contributions of the … Continue reading

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Lede of the week

With the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy upon us, the US press has been full of reflections, comparisons, opinions, and every other type of story that can be wrung out of the event. I’ve skipped over most of them, but … Continue reading

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Tom Toles says it all

Tom Toles is a genius. No other US political cartoonist has ever mastered his ability to sum up a complex political situation or event with a single panel comic. Yesterday’s comic was particularly illustrative of his talent. It’s been interesting … Continue reading

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The highlights of the DOMA decision

I was one of those people waiting by my computer at 10:00 EST — the moment that the decision on the challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act was announced — and downloaded the file as soon as I could … Continue reading

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Good news

Jeez, this has been an awful week for my home nation. The Boston Marathon bombing, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, and now the Senate Republicans’ sneering, in-your-face proof that a 90% American public preference and a 54-vote Senate majority still … Continue reading

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Obama pardons the sequester and sends it to Portugal

A late-night talk show host sends a “reporter” out into the street with a completely nonsensical question: What do you think about Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal? For my non-US readers: The sequester is a kind … Continue reading

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