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The giant salmon was my favorite

This video is a 100% accurate depiction of my home state. More or less.

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Getting a mountain fix 1: Four-in-One Cone

One thing that I really, really miss in Portugal is the presence of real mountains. Year-round streams and tall trees, too, but at least I can find those within a reasonable drive from the Algarve. Real mountains, the kind with … Continue reading

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On the way to Oregon

For the first several days of our trip to Oregon, we were far out of state. Our flight landed in Vancouver, British Columbia, where we spent two days before hopping the ferry to Victoria. Two days later we were on … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Upon returning home from my vacation, I took a regional puddlejumper flight from Eugene, Oregon to Seattle, and reserved a seat on the right side of the plane in order to see the Cascade Mountains and the main cities in … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Oregon’s only national park, a geological wonder, and one of the most awesome bike rides in the US: Crater Lake National Park. And yes, it’s a lake inside a volcano. Not just that, but it’s the deepest lake in the … Continue reading

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A dose of homesickness

I opened up my Atlantic newsfeed this morning and what did I see but this headline: The Gem of the Pacific Northwest: A Visual Ode to Oregon’s Seashore Click! It’s a lovely 5:45 video consisting of a series of vignettes … Continue reading

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How wet does it get in western Oregon?

This wet: My mom sent this photo, taken on 9 March. Yes, that is moss growing on the fronts and legs of the mailboxes, and on the pavement beneath. The green stuff on the sides is probably mold, though I … Continue reading

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Frozen back home

Oregon has been having some extraordinary weather lately, though it seems “extraordinary” is losing its applicability as these sorts of temperatures hit more and more often. Lasting snow at the beach is extremely unusual, but there it was, while the … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

I’m always a sucker for an Oregon coast scene. This is Cape Arago, a rocky headland only one mile south of one of my all-time favorite places, Shore Acres State Park. The coastline in this area, and in fact most … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Here’s one close to my heart: A full moon rising over St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon. This was a finalist in the 2012 National Geographic Traveler Photo contest, taken by Fred An. (Click the image to spanify.)

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