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The brain radio

Our brains do amazing things while we sleep: solve problems, sort out emotions, file memories, make non-linear associations that our conscious, more logical brains can’t manage. Mine also plays music. I wake up most mornings with a tune playing in … Continue reading

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Math + pop music = hidden education

Popular music group OK Go, famous for their unusual and meticulously planned videos (which often put Rube Goldberg to shame) have done it again, this time with a video that explores a world we cannot see. The video opens with … Continue reading

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The Hymn of Acxiom

I was browsing our CD collection for something new to hear in the car and picked up an album I hadn’t heard in forever: Waking Hour by Vienna Teng. All the way to Pilates and back that day, I was … Continue reading

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The Song

Most of us have indelible soundtracks accompanying our childhood and young adult memories. The music ranges from the popular radio of the time to commercial jingles, church hymns, TV show themes…and for me, a lot of it came from my … Continue reading

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The power of memory

Today while we were puffing along on our daily hill walk, my son asked me what my favorite album was. (He loves to ask the “favorite” question, which almost invariably leads me to say, “I don’t have a favorite,” which … Continue reading

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“Game of Thrones” to shake the floor

In honor of the season ender of “Game of Thrones” (which we haven’t watched yet…it airs on Portuguese TV tomorrow night), here is a floor-shaking cover of the theme song. It features 23 players on 32 low brass instruments, including: … Continue reading

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The old and the new

My stereo consists of a 1979 Pioneer amplifier, a 1990 NAD compact disc player, and a pair of Magnepan speakers from 1991. The combination gives warm, full sound, and I’ve never had an urge to update. Affordable modern equipment looks … Continue reading

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Billie Jean on beer bottles

Raise your hand if you’ve ever blown air across the mouth of a Coke bottle (in your youth) or beer bottle (in your more mature years, right?) and thought about what a nice tone it produces. Maybe you thought about … Continue reading

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History of the guitar solo (or, how to know you’re out of touch)

This interesting little video takes viewers through the history of the electric guitar solo, from the moment when Chuck Berry exploded on the scene with “Johnny B. Goode” through Santana, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, and on to…a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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The Lady in Red

I made a reference to violinist Karen Briggs in an email today, and that was enough to send me looking for a video of her electric performance at the Acropolis. (This is why we love the internet.) Watching and listening … Continue reading

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