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Le Tour is coming!…and other tidbits

Tomorrow is a day my wife and I look forward to all year: the start of the Tour de France. For the next three weeks, we will arrange our work and social lives around the television as we absorb gorgeous … Continue reading

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Winner of the Best Short Film at the Nantucket Film Festival, “Dotty” will make you laugh — and then it will break your heart. Vimeo link. Hat tip to Inge.

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Vertical dancing

Until now, I did not know of the existence of a sport called “vertical dancing” or “Bandaloop dancing.” But watching this video made me into a fan. Filmed during the Art + Soul Festival in Oakland, California, it shows two … Continue reading

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This ‘n’ that

While working hard on deadlines, I kept tossing interesting things into a folder and thinking I’d blog them later. That folder needs a good cleaning, so here’s a link dump to start off your weekend. *** In a classic example … Continue reading

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Epic snow breaker, backups and more

Let’s get the day started off right and watch Canadian National Railway locomotive 2304 plow through deep snow near Salisbury, New Brunswick. You’ll definitely want to put this on HD if you can, just for the fun of it. Only … Continue reading

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The Doves type story ends at last

This is one of the most famous printed pages of all time: the first page of Genesis in the five-volume “English Bible,” printed by a tiny London press from 1902–1905, with a type designed specifically for that press and used … Continue reading

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Cheerful graffiti

Normally I’m not a fan of graffiti, but this one, inked onto a boarded-up house in the historic center of Loulé, made me smile. It reads: When sadness knocks on your door, open it with a smile and say: “Excuse … Continue reading

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The Song

Most of us have indelible soundtracks accompanying our childhood and young adult memories. The music ranges from the popular radio of the time to commercial jingles, church hymns, TV show themes…and for me, a lot of it came from my … Continue reading

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And the new winner is…

I’ve been out of the news stream for a couple of weeks while in a virtual form of writer’s seclusion…but I emerged in time to find this cheery update from The Independent: Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side … Continue reading

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The microwave

Our microwave stopped rotating its internal plate some time ago, so for well over a year we’ve been heating our dishes by putting them in for a minute or so, taking them out to stir the contents, and then putting … Continue reading

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