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How to make an author’s day

This message came in through my website a couple of weeks ago, from a reader in Seattle, Washington: I stumbled across The Caphenon when putting lesbian science fiction books on hold at The Seattle Public Library. It seems I had … Continue reading

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Vellmar the Blade free giveaway (Olympics edition)

The Olympics have ended, and many of us are feeling a little post-Olympic letdown. We saw people doing practically superhuman things, overcoming incredible odds, demonstrating heartwarming acts of kindness…these are the stories that keep us watching, and now we have … Continue reading

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Saturday picture show

Here are a couple of videos to make your eyes wet or wide. The first warrants a tissue alert, because even if you’re not a dog lover, you’ll probably get sniffly to see a dog with genetic deformities become fully … Continue reading

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The rescue

Last night while I was prepping dinner, I heard the most god-awful ruckus of dogs outside. Wild barking is not all that unusual around here. People frequently walk their dogs through the courtyard, and if the dogs aren’t trained — … Continue reading

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My book is out

I’m happy to announce that last week, my book about geeky romance on a university campus was released by Ylva Publishing in e-book format. (The paperback edition will be available in another two weeks.) It’s been doing quite well, sitting … Continue reading

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A sniffle ad

I am a sucker who enjoys ads that make me surreptitiously sniffle. Practically anything with the Budweiser Clydesdales can qualify, but this ad from Skype got me, too. Speaking as someone for whom Skype enabled a courtship, a long-distance relationship, … Continue reading

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They grow ’em tough in Colorado

My family lived in Colorado for several years before moving to Oregon, so I’m always alert to news from there. When I saw an article mentioning Weld County, I sat up and took notice — that’s our old county. Following … Continue reading

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Saving a dolphin from our trash

From Outside Online: On the night of January 11, 2013, during a dive off the Kona coast to view manta rays feeding on plankton, something strange happened. After the divers went down and lit up the water, a bottlenose dolphin … Continue reading

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Go here, and forget about being productive.

National Geographic has launched a new Tumblr, called “Found.” For every image published in the magazine over the past 125 years, many, many more were rejected for various reasons, dropped into archives, and never seen again. Now they are finding … Continue reading

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Why did the pedestrian cross the road?

A friend recently asked me what I most enjoyed about living in Portugal compared to the US. One of my answers (besides “the FOOD!”) was that I love the way the towns are laid out, the fact that everything I … Continue reading

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