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Pompeii takeout and American assumption

Archaeologists have uncovered another fascinating glimpse into pre-eruption life in Pompeii — the recently excavated termopolium, or takeout counter. I’m agog at the brightly painted counter, still vivid after 2,000 years, and the fact that the physical design is so recognizable: … Continue reading

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Oranges to excess (or, “Orange you done yet?”)

Although the Algarve doesn’t really have a winter (it just goes straight from autumn to spring), we call the oranges that ripen this time of year “winter oranges,” and they are the sweetest of all the varieties. I adore winter … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

…a box full of spices and teas from my favorite local spice merchant. One great thing about living in the Algarve is how many of these bags are produced from locally grown crops, including two of my favorite “too late … Continue reading

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Odds & ends of cool stuff

Ever see the shockwave of a volcano erupting? Phil and Linda McNamara did—and videotaped it—while vacationing in Papua New Guinea. Hearing that nearby Mount Tavurvur was erupting, they hopped a boat for a closer look, and…wow. You can see the … Continue reading

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After commenter Ines referred to the adventure of teaching an American how to eat tremoços, I thought perhaps it was time to introduce this snack food to the blog audience. Tremoços are a yummy, hands-on snack beloved by the Portuguese, … Continue reading

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The cat food experiment

We have a cat who is, shall we say, fond of food. And it has only gotten worse with the advent of a second cat in the household, who — despite never attempting to steal Primary Cat’s food — still … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

…eating a warm, ripe cherry tomato right off one’s own vine. The flavor is incomparable! And the sense of satisfaction is right up there, too. Best eaten in the evening, when the air has finally cooled but the tomatoes are … Continue reading

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Guest post: German eating habits

While clearing out an overstuffed inbox, I came across an email from last autumn titled “German eating habits.” Since food seems to be one of the true universal languages (and one of this blog’s favorite topics), I asked permission to … Continue reading

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More food!

One of our favorite restaurants is Migas, in the lovely riverside village of Mértola (Alentejo). The castle-on-a-river scenery can’t be beat, nor can the opportunity to sit outside on a veranda, looking over the river, while consuming excellent food in … Continue reading

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Jaquinzinhos are one of those foods that we love to order for American visitors. Usually a guest will first look a bit wide-eyed, then swallow hard and decide she’s going to prove her cultural openness by trying one. This is … Continue reading

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