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Cool factoids about New Horizons

You’ve probably heard a lot about the New Horizons probe lately, and there’s a good reason for that. Tomorrow, July 14, the probe will fulfill its destiny. After nine and a half years of travel, it will zip past Pluto, … Continue reading

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It’s Eurovision: time to learn your geography!

Last night was a big night in Europe: the annual festival of mediocre pop music, staged brilliantly and then judged almost entirely on a geopolitical basis, that we call Eurovision. Before I moved to Europe, my knowledge of Eurovision was … Continue reading

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Passing the test

***** Based on the test devised by xkcd author Randall Munroe, my upcoming science fiction novel has a high probability of being good. I’ve invented a few words and concepts, but three in one sentence? Never. Also, the use of … Continue reading

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Best firework display ever

I love fireworks, and New Year’s Eve is a cornucopia of them. Every year I happily sit down with the laptop and check out various displays that have already happened east of us. Later that night we turn on Sky … Continue reading

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The ESA’s day in the sun

NASA/JPL usually gets all the press, but yesterday the European Space Agency had its moment. That’s because in March 2004 the ESA sent out a probe called Rosetta, which then traveled 6.4 billion kilometers over a period of ten years … Continue reading

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The Caphenon

I’ve been waiting a long time to post this one. The book cover for my new science fiction novel The Caphenon is done, and it’s beautiful. Having a ship I envisioned in my head take shape in the “real” world … Continue reading

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She is here: Mãe Soberana

I just returned from walking in my eighth morning procession of the Mãe Soberana Festa Grande. This afternoon, I’ll go out and do it again. I’ve written in more detail about the festival of Mãe Soberana (with a bunch of … Continue reading

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May Day

Today is a state holiday in Portugal: Dia do Trabalhador, meaning Day of the Worker…or Labor Day. It’s observed by many other nations in Europe as well, and honors the ideals of social justice and the national contributions of the … Continue reading

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My book is out

I’m happy to announce that last week, my book about geeky romance on a university campus was released by Ylva Publishing in e-book format. (The paperback edition will be available in another two weeks.) It’s been doing quite well, sitting … Continue reading

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We regret to inform you that there will be no joy today.

Last Friday, one of my favorite musical artists of all time made a shock announcement: she was going to perform live, in a string of concerts at the Apollo Hammersmith in London. KATE BUSH IS PERFORMING LIVE. Other than a … Continue reading

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