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Pompeii takeout and American assumption

Archaeologists have uncovered another fascinating glimpse into pre-eruption life in Pompeii — the recently excavated termopolium, or takeout counter. I’m agog at the brightly painted counter, still vivid after 2,000 years, and the fact that the physical design is so recognizable: … Continue reading

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Brexit view from the continent

Yesterday, the papers were full of news of Teresa May’s fruitless attempt to break the negotiating stance of the EU regarding Brexit. Or at least, the UK papers were full of that news. Continental papers, not so much. It was … Continue reading

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Why our oven clock is slow

File this one under “I’ll be danged, I didn’t know that.” Over the last couple of months, the clocks on our oven and microwave have been…off. First a minute, then a couple, then five, then six. I hadn’t consciously thought … Continue reading

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It’s Eurovision: time to learn your geography!

Last night was a big night in Europe: the annual festival of mediocre pop music, staged brilliantly and then judged almost entirely on a geopolitical basis, that we call Eurovision. Before I moved to Europe, my knowledge of Eurovision was … Continue reading

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This ‘n’ that

While working hard on deadlines, I kept tossing interesting things into a folder and thinking I’d blog them later. That folder needs a good cleaning, so here’s a link dump to start off your weekend. *** In a classic example … Continue reading

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Those Scots are a different sort

Last Sunday, the owner of a Loch Ness tour company stepped outside to snap some photos of the “beautiful sky.” John Alasdair MacDonald (could there be a more Scottish name?) then captured a once-in-a-lifetime shot when a brilliant meteor flashed … Continue reading

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The microwave

Our microwave stopped rotating its internal plate some time ago, so for well over a year we’ve been heating our dishes by putting them in for a minute or so, taking them out to stir the contents, and then putting … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Tuesday

For US readers, a bit of peace to celebrate the fact that as of today, the onslaught of political noise is over.* Congratulations, you survived! As a reward, here is a gorgeous autumn scene from Nukarinkoski, Finland. Imagine hearing that … Continue reading

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Scotland referendum results in one image

This might be the most perfect thing I’ll see all week. I sincerely hope that as Scotland is reinstalled, the divisions caused by the campaign don’t cause any bugs. Or perhaps I should say, more bugs than already existed. May … Continue reading

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Scottish breakfast

One thing we discovered during our Scotland vacation is that the Scottish breakfast is not a myth — at least, not when one is staying at B&Bs. Typical of our breakfasts were eggs made to order, sautéed mushrooms (one B&B … Continue reading

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