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Boa Páscoa

I love Easter in Portugal. Our tradition of many years now is to attend the Festa das Tochas in São Brás, followed by the Mãe Soberana Pequena here in Loulé. Wall-to-wall pageantry, music, beauty…what’s not to like? I’ve written about … Continue reading

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This ‘n’ that

While working hard on deadlines, I kept tossing interesting things into a folder and thinking I’d blog them later. That folder needs a good cleaning, so here’s a link dump to start off your weekend. *** In a classic example … Continue reading

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Those Scots are a different sort

Last Sunday, the owner of a Loch Ness tour company stepped outside to snap some photos of the “beautiful sky.” John Alasdair MacDonald (could there be a more Scottish name?) then captured a once-in-a-lifetime shot when a brilliant meteor flashed … Continue reading

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The Doves type story ends at last

This is one of the most famous printed pages of all time: the first page of Genesis in the five-volume “English Bible,” printed by a tiny London press from 1902–1905, with a type designed specifically for that press and used … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve shopping

Before Christmas this year, I let our son “buy” one of the gifts I’d gotten for my wife, because he didn’t have the slightest idea what to get her (nor any inclination to go out shopping, not that I can … Continue reading

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Feather art

Every now and then I stumble across an artist who makes me wish I had a metric ton of money. Because if I did, I’d have Chris Maynard’s feather shadow boxes all over my house. His home page states: Feathers … Continue reading

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Billie Jean on beer bottles

Raise your hand if you’ve ever blown air across the mouth of a Coke bottle (in your youth) or beer bottle (in your more mature years, right?) and thought about what a nice tone it produces. Maybe you thought about … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

I recently watched the opening sequence of “Contact” with new eyes, thanks to information from the audio commentary on the DVD. Steve Starkey, Producer: We also decided to keep the type style of the original book [for] the main title … Continue reading

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The twelve principles of animation

The original animators of Disney studios developed the twelve basic principles of animation back in the 1930s, with an eye toward using animation to express character and personality. Here is a modern take on them, using nothing more than a … Continue reading

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She is here: Mãe Soberana

I just returned from walking in my eighth morning procession of the Mãe Soberana Festa Grande. This afternoon, I’ll go out and do it again. I’ve written in more detail about the festival of Mãe Soberana (with a bunch of … Continue reading

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