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Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.

Bee timelapse

When photographer Anand Varma was given an assignment on bees for National Geographic, he decided to work with a local beekeeper and keep a hive in his backyard. Familiarity bred fascination, and Varma fell in love with the intricate lives … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Today is a departure from the usual scenic photos, because I love praying mantids, and this photo by Hasan Baglar is gorgeous. Have you ever read instructions on what to do if you’re hiking in the mountains and run into … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Wednesday

I’ve been in a deep editing dive for what seems like forever, and it finally occurred to me that one of the many things that have been dropped in the meantime are my weekly wallpapers. Which is silly, considering how … Continue reading

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National Geographic on the veranda

Last week I was watching the sunset from our veranda when I found this brilliant little lady in one of my railing pots: A gorgeous crab spider, waiting amongst the flowers for an unwary pollinating insect to come by. She’s … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces

Time for another “let’s start the weekend right” post, by clearing out some bits and pieces. First up, a video left by commenter Erik that could serve as a meditative aid: the life of a baby hummingbird, from hatching to … Continue reading

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Boa Páscoa

I love Easter in Portugal. Our tradition of many years now is to attend the Festa das Tochas in São Brás, followed by the Mãe Soberana Pequena here in Loulé. Wall-to-wall pageantry, music, beauty…what’s not to like? I’ve written about … Continue reading

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Best April Fools’ joke this year

And the award for this year’s best April Fools’ joke goes to… CERN, for its announcement that its researchers had confirmed the existence of the Force. Though four fundamental forces—the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force and gravity—have … Continue reading

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How speakers make sound and other cool animated graphics

Want to lose some time today? Check out and its wildly entertaining gifs explaining how various things work in our world. I happened to stumble on the explanation of how speakers make sound, and was hooked from the very … Continue reading

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Jupiter, destroyer (and savior) of worlds

It has long been known that the advanced life on Earth may owe its existence to Jupiter, whose hulking presence and massive gravity well have probably saved our planet from many an asteroid collision. Not only has Jupiter attracted and … Continue reading

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Pantsers and planners

Every now and then, when I post something over on my Chronicles of Alsea blog that I think will have broader appeal, I’ll pop a link over here. Today’s post is on pantsers and planners. Authors generally divide themselves into … Continue reading

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