About Oregon Expat

It’s called Oregon Expat because I’m not just an American expatriate, I’m an Oregon expatriate. This is an important distinction, because growing up in the relative emptiness of a western state like Oregon definitely colors my impressions of Portugal. Oregon has three times the land mass and one-third the population of my adopted nation, a fact that dazzles most Portuguese when they hear it. They can barely conceive of such vastness. On the other hand, they laugh when I add that in Oregon, and in fact all of America, a 100-year-old house is usually on the Historic Register. Over here, 100 years old barely qualifies as used.

My background is in biology, marine education, and writing and editing. I’ve worked for a public aquarium and a university research lab that studied whales. Practically anything that comes under the category of Geeky will interest me, and that includes most of the natural sciences, history, travel, grammar arguments, and all things Apple. Any of these topics are fair game for the blog. Non-geeky topics such as politics and religion are also fair game, but will be used judiciously (I hope).

I love learning new things, and adding items to my “Places to See” list, so if you have suggestions of items I might cover, please send them. The Contact tab makes it easy.

And if you enjoy science fiction/fantasy books with strong female characters who make s**t happen, then check out my Chronicles of Alsea site or my author site.

Header photo: Fort Rock, in east central Oregon.