Far Enough

Ready for an early holiday gift?

Quite a few readers (and some reviewers) have said that the one thing they really missed in Alsea Rising was a proper exploration of how Salomen and Lhyn arrived at their deeper understanding. It’s a valid critique: while we watched the relationship between Tal and Ekatya grow from Book 1 onward, Salomen and Lhyn didn’t even meet until Book 4 — and their friendship was not explored until Book 8. Making matters more difficult was the fact that their shift from platonic to romantic took place between the end of Uprising and the beginning of Alsea Rising. It happened “offstage,” where no one got to see it.

Well, now it’s onstage.

Far Enough is a quiet, happy novella of 20,000 words that answers the big question from Alsea Rising plus several smaller questions readers may not have thought to ask. We learn more about Lhyn’s childhood (half of this novella is told from her point of view) and see deeper into Salomen’s heart as she works her way through a profound shift in expectations, both of herself and of Andira.

Even those who were not entirely comfortable with the choices these four characters made in Alsea Rising may find that this novella helps. One early reader said, “I loved it. I think I’d have had an easier time with Tal and Ekatya’s relationship if I’d read this first.”

This is a comfort read, perfect for a winter’s day with a hot drink at your elbow. It’s available at all the usual digital shops (collected at this handy portal) for the price of that hot drink: $3.99.

Many of us cannot go where we hoped or see the people we love this year — but at least we can go to Alsea.

(Synopsis below.)


Far Enough


Immediately after the uprising, Lhyn Rivers is called to account for her involvement in an event that shocked the world. Disturbed by her interview and missing her bondmate, she finds refuge at Hol-Opah.

Salomen Opah is at loose ends, trapped on her holding with nothing to do and no distractions from unwanted memories. Lhyn’s arrival is a welcome excuse to get out and return to an old, beloved pastime.

For five days, Salomen and Lhyn journey through landscapes both physical and emotional. Their quiet exploration brings more than just the peace they seek: it brings an unlooked-for gift that will change four lives.

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3 Responses to Far Enough

  1. Lilaine says:

    Thank You Fletcher. 🙂
    All the best to you and yours.

  2. Annie Robinson says:

    Fletcher thank you 🙏🏻
    What a great early Christmas present. I will be off to Amazon right away!
    And coincidentally I have just finished reading book 8.
    Best wishes to you and your Tyree for 2021.

  3. CathyW says:

    Wow, what a lovely Xmas surprise. Thanks Fletcher. I hope you and your family had a happy Xmas.

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