UPRISING and balance

On the dedication page of Uprising (released today!)you’ll find a quote from Lanaril Satran, the Lead Templar of Blacksun Temple.

Lanaril quote

Being a templar, Lanaril is of course speaking on several levels. “The body” can refer to an individual, a couple, a community—or an entire culture.

Uprising has many themes running through its epic length. It looks at the way tribal thinking narrows one’s vision, the tendency of anger to rebound on the one wielding it, the power of collective action, and how the weight of injustice becomes its own enforcement.

But most of all, Uprising speaks to the importance of balancing head and heart. Good governance is not just practical decision-making; it must also take into account the emotional well-being of constituents. Good intentions driven by emotion are not enough by themselves; they must take into account the ramifications of a decision.

Andira Tal has been the leader Alsea needed through alien invasion and galactic relations, cultural upheaval, and a coup against the democratic foundations of the unified government. She is a savvy strategist who plans several moves ahead. Yet that same cool, practical thinking limits her as well.

Salomen Opah never wanted to be in politics. She is tied to the land, passionate in defense of her family and caste, and prone to speaking and acting without thinking first. She shares with Tal a strong sense of duty and a willingness to fight for what is right, but her fight comes from belief, not strategy.

They are head and heart. In Uprising, they are both right—and both wrong. The path they take to find a balance will change Alsea forever.

Uprising is available in paperback on Amazon and e-book everywhere. This portal will lead you to whichever version and store is your preference: Nook, Kobo, Amazon, Apple, etc.

May you have a peaceful Easter weekend, with a gloriously epic book to dive into and a good supply of high-quality snacks. And may you find your own balance.


About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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16 Responses to UPRISING and balance

  1. Annie Robinson says:

    Well!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I’m on my second reading- it’s wonderful. But I think maybe you already knew that.
    My 5star non spoiler review will follow after I’ve had a chance to let the book “settle”. And I have had a chance reflect.
    PS The Lanaril Quote is perfect and of course applies to me and my wife too. I’m the head she’s the heart

    • Thank you! I look forward to that review…though this one was already a great way to start my day. ❤

      • Annie Robinson says:

        Just finished my 2nd read through… it’s getting better each time.
        I’ve decided to order an actual paperback version as every now and then it is a treat to turn real pages.
        I also have just seen the first 5 star review is up. Your public is looking very happy!
        AND you say book 9 is emerging into the light.
        Alsea needs its chronicle writer: semicolons, commas, come what may!
        So we hope you will stay inspired and keep the creative work coming.
        Best wishes and thank you for a really fabulous book 8.

        • Thank you, Annie! I love knowing there are paperbacks out there, living on shelves and hopefully being loved. It gives me the creative juice to work on Book 9…

          • Annie Robinson says:

            Hi Fletcher!
            My crisp new paperback book 8 just arrived and it’s so luscious 😎❤️🌈✅
            I’m going to enjoy turning the pages – carefully of course, so as not to wrench the spine!
            Best wishes for your post publication recovery and I hope you’re starting to get the itch to begin carving the words of book 9.

          • I’m jealous! I haven’t even gotten my author’s copies yet. Need to take care of that tomorrow. Also, I love the use of “luscious” to describe it. Can’t wait to feel the lusciousness myself. 🙂

          • Annie Robinson says:

            I took a photo,! But can’t work how to embed it here… was thinking of sticking it in the Amazon review

          • Oh, def. stick it in the Amazon review. It gives it visibility and also goes up in a special section up top for “customer images.” That would be great!

          • Annie Robinson says:

            It’s posted up on amazon U.K. under the paperback photo attached. My ID is:

          • What a fantastic review! Thank you so much for the thought and craft you clearly put into it. ❤ As for Book 9, damn, the pressure is on.

          • Annie Robinson says:

            You’re very welcome 😊
            I did want to say a bit more than “it’s the best yet” … although that would be true too!
            What is really something is the way you seem to pull off the different genres: eg Vellmar the Blade vs Space adventures in Resilience vs Outcaste (la lifespan Novel) and now Uprising. So yup. Definitely pressure on for book 9. ❤️🌈😎
            PS btw I’m rooting for some romance in Micah’s life – don’t think I didn’t notice his reactions to a certain Gaian Chief Surgeon…😉 fingers crossed 🤞

          • [lips zipped] 😉

          • Annie Robinson says:

            Oh really!? 😉 how encouraging and how exciting.
            On a completely different tack, did you give any thought to whether Alsean can birth twins?
            I just like the idea of how the gene empathy might toggle on/ off. I’m the eldest of three. My baby sisters are twins…

          • LOL.

            On that tack, yes, absolutely there can be twins. I might have to explore that in the next series. Surely twins would be more empathically sensitive to each other, regardless of their empathy rating…

  2. Amisha Patel says:

    Thank you for a fantastic read. Will be reading the entire series again

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