We wants it!

Speaking as an observer of Brexit (from a healthy distance), I can only say in response to today’s news: what the hell?

It’s anybody’s guess as to what Theresa May thinks she can accomplish by putting off a Commons vote she knew she would lose. Certainly the EU negotiators and leaders are boggling at her claim that she is planning further negotiations on the Irish backstop. Twenty-seven nations have signed off on the current agreement. There is no more negotiation. This is the political equivalent of running after a taxi with its service light turned off — that taxi is not going to stop.

In the meantime, Andy Serkis — the actor who brought Gollum to life in the Lord of the Rings films — has just made his own political stance clear with a video that is black humor at its finest. My wife and I laughed so hard we were on the edge of tears.

Behold: Theresa Gollum May, caught on video in her parlor.

(The ticking clock was a brilliant touch — not only exemplifying the posh parlor but also literally counting down the seconds…)


About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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3 Responses to We wants it!

  1. Carys says:

    She didn’t want to go back to Europe. She knows that this is the best deal she can get – if you assume an end to the free movement of labour – which is her real bottom line. She thinks that is what drove the Brexit vote so that’s what she has to deliver for people. The problem is that the hard line Brexiteers in her party won’t vote for it. They promised the voters a unicorn (all the benefits of membership with none of the costs) and she is delivering a really ugly donkey. And these hardliners basically hate the rules-based approach to everything in the EU so they can’t face the conditions associated with the deal. They would prefer no deal and no preconditions for the future relationship, even though this would mean a total cliff edge for the UK economy. They honestly seem to want to break the economy and rebuild it in a US image.
    In addition, the small party from NI who are propping up her government won’t vote for it because they think the ‘back stop’ might lead to the end of the Union ie. opening the door for Northern Ireland to become part of a United Ireland. That would go against their reason for existing.
    And the main opposition won’t vote for it because they claim that (a) they can get a better deal (b) we should have a general election so that they can try. They would rather see total chaos and a chance for them to be in power than vote for a deal that most people would dislike.
    Nobody here can really predict what is going to happen, including Theresa May. There seems to be more of a push for a second referendum now that people know what the options are but that may be wishful thinking on my part. For me, like many remainers, it’s been a total nightmare since they called the result. I can only apologise to the EU natoionals here in the UK for the grief we are putting them through. We’re a very divided country at the moment and that is reflected in our Parliament, which is why the PM is back off to Brussels in the hope that they can make her donkey a little prettier. Maybe bows in its mane?!

    • Rip says:

      Just stopped by and saw this. I have to say, Carys, no offense but – you don’t seem like you’ve actually taken the time to consider the other side. The one that won the vote with the entire establishment in which I include all the media adamantly against it. You seem to think the UK has nothing to offer, and that is simply not true. Of course the side that stands to lose will put that slant on it. It is true that if May went in thinking she would fail, or the other side knew she would cave, that may be the best deal she can get. That’s just how deals work – and May just may not be a deal broker. Now it will only get harder.

    • Yep, I’ve watched all that happen (I’m a devoted reader of the Guardian) and marveled at it. How many votes does the DUP give May, ten? So for 10 votes May has tied herself in a pretzel with contradicting red lines. There never was going to be a way out that Brexit voters could support because the sales pitch for Brexit was at least 98% misleading-mixed-with-outright-lies. I understand the reasoning behind some of those votes, but if people truly believed the story they were sold, they were always doomed to disappointment. Corbyn isn’t covering himself in glory, either, as he lurks on the sidelines, doing nothing except ignoring the wishes of the party he leads.

      It’s just so clear that all your leading politicians care about is keeping their personal power and profit, at the expense not just of the people but of the nation itself — just like our leading politicians in the US. I sure wish our nations didn’t have that in common!

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