Outcaste is coming!

I’ve just looked back at the date of my last blog post and wow, how did two months go by? It’s been a crazy summer, what with editing one novel and writing another, working with a new artist for Chronicles of Alsea artwork, settling in with a new publisher, and trying not to completely abandon my family in the process. (Opinions vary as to my success in that last one.)

I left my previous publisher early this year and was delighted to join up with Heartsome Publishing, a boutique outfit that embraces the “boutique” part of the name. They do not want to acquire a large stable of authors, but are instead focused on fully developing a small number of hand-picked authors.

In keeping with that, they found a fabulous cover artist for me and I could not be more pleased with the cover of Book Six in the Chronicles of Alsea: OUTCASTE.

With my prior publisher, cover art design was frequently an exercise in disappointed hopes. What I saw in my head was so much richer than what ended up on the covers (though I really like the cover for Vellmar the Blade — and it’s probably not a coincidence that it was the easiest one to produce).

It is of course extremely bad form for an author to say, “This cover is not what I envisioned, but it’s what I have to run with.” And I’ve heard horror stories about authors having no say whatsoever in their cover designs, so I was grateful to even have a voice.

For Outcaste, I not only had a voice, I had a cover artist who apparently looked inside my head, saw what I envisioned, and then created an even better version. It is, in a word, gorgeous. It’s a cover designed for mainstream science fiction/fantasy, which is where this book belongs. And it is beautifully emblematic of the journey our main character takes through this epic story.

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Head on over to my author page on the Heartsome Publishing site to read the blurb and get a teaser of what this book is about. If you’re an e-book reader, you can pre-order a copy right there. If you prefer the paperback, I’ll be posting the Amazon link once that goes live just before the actual release — which is roaring right up on October 27.

And now back to my art production…just wait ’til you see the new Shield of Alsea.


About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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29 Responses to Outcaste is coming!

  1. Ana_ñ says:

    Wonderful news!
    Looking forward to getting my paperback copy

  2. Riversong says:

    WooHoo, great news. I had just been thinking that you mentioned another book was in the process of being written and was hoping it might be published before Christmas. Love the cover of the new book, glorious colours! I have to say though that I love the covers of all the Alsea chronicles.

    I will be getting the kindle version as soon as it is available, but I love the Alsea books so much I am also buying the real book versions as well. I stIll need books 4 & 5 but they are on my wish list for Christmas and I will be adding this new book to the list too.

    Thank you for sharing your imagination with us, I love immersing myself in the worlds you build 🙂

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for the lovely comment! …and there’s another book in progress, so you can look forward to more immersion…

      • Riversong says:

        You are amazing, just about to publish one book and already another is on the boil. I look forward to it 🙂

        BTW there is no mention of book 6 on the Chronicles of Alsea blog.

        • Me too. 🙂 Re: the Chronicles of Alsea blog…I’ve had to walk away from that due to leaving my prior publisher and being unwilling to pay the price they were charging for the site and its art. I’m currently building a new site with redone (and very professional) art. So this is the only blog currently being updated, and when the new site goes live, I’ll probably fold this into it.

  3. Karien says:

    Seriously, this is as bad as waiting for a Game of Thrones season to start. I wish I could forget about it until Wednesday. And yeowza! 598 Kindle pages according to Amazon!?! Bloody hell, Ms. DeLancey! Talk about bang for your buck!

    • Karien says:

      Actually, no, it’s more like waiting for Harry Potter 7 and standing in Borders at 01:00 in the morning to get it. And then reading bit by bit and putting the book down reluctantly at 04:00, because you’re afraid it’s going to be over too soon.

  4. I might be a little bit behind in my reading but I love this cover and will need to get back into it. Great work and I’m sure Outcaste is amazeballs

  5. ig says:

    The new cover is great. I love it. Much better than the previous ones… if i’m honest.
    Looking forward to it…

  6. trinityta says:

    guess i’m in the minority, but i liked the other covers. and i’m not sure i like this one at all. as soon as i saw it, i knew it was by a different artist. i’m not saying it’s bad, but i did like the consistency from book to book. in cover design for a series, that’s important.

    as for the Chronicles site, lesson to all authors: do not let your publisher control those sort of things! change publishers, and boom, it becomes problematic for you.

    anyway, i look forward to reading book six.

    p.s. on the new site, don’t let the header be so big.

    • I agree about consistency, and am looking forward to eventually redoing all of the covers as the rights revert back to me.

      As for the website — perhaps the more relevant lesson is, do not believe it when your publisher gives you a verbal agreement that the site is yours, and puts you in charge of updates to it. Verbal agreements can dissolve into demands that the author purchase the site upon leaving. I chose to rebrand instead. All of the art going up on the new site is mine, as are the domains. (And no, the header won’t take up half the page.)

  7. trinityta says:

    by the way, i LOVE your author photo!

  8. Kelly says:

    Yippee! A new story. I already pre-ordered on my kindle. I agree the Vellmar the Blade was my favorite cover of your old ones.

    Any chance your fans could talk you into attending the World Science Fiction Convention in 2018? I would love to see more variety in the attending authors. I love the universe you have created and think it stacks up with any other Scifi book out there. I for one enjoy a little romance in my scifi, or a lot scifi with my romance. 🙂

  9. Cwhite says:

    00:07 and Outcaste has arrived! I would do a happy dance but I’ve two cats on my knee and can’t move.

  10. Riversong says:

    WooHoo, my Kindle version of Outcast has already arrived too. The hard copy is on my Christmas list. I have recently finished re-reading the entire series in preparation and will be diving straight in. I love Alsea and wish I could be like Lhyn and move there, it is such a wonderful world.

  11. trinityta says:

    emailed your gmail account.

  12. Col Gibbs says:

    I Finished outcast last night – now lost already. Brilliant storyline – totally enjoyed it and would like more please.

  13. Panacea says:

    Love your books and have spent many many enjoyable hours reading and immersing myself in the world you have created. I have to say this latest book made me go through a whole range of emotions. I was very uncomfortable with certain choices the main character made to survive at the start, but glad I persevered through that. If I have one criticism though, it’s how ‘dumb’ the main character became when she made certain choices. You portrayed her as being really smart in terms of learning, but then she just got really dumb. Like lost any ability to think critically, dumb. Still not sure if I buy the reasoning behind that.

    • I’m glad you persevered, too. As for Rahel’s poor decisions…it’s possible to be very smart and still make stupid or impulsive decisions, for any number of reasons. I see that around me in the real world every day. Would that it were otherwise!

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