Innovative teachers (subtitle: Ryanair is the Scrooge McDuck of airlines)

Ryanair 1000x600

Three teachers at our son’s school have been arranging a class trip to Scotland. They contacted Ryanair and asked for a group rate for 20 seats. The response was unbelievable: around €300 per seat.

This is for a short, nonstop flight from Faro to Edinburgh. It should cost nowhere near that much, especially for a group rate of so many seats.

So the teachers abandoned that plan and instead hopped on the laptop of one instructor, from which they bought six tickets. Then they opened up another laptop, using a different ISP, and bought a few more. By their third attempt, the prices were already going up.

They waited a few days, giving the Ryanair algorithm time to respond to the lack of purchases and lower the seat pricing again. Then they bought a few more.

In this way, and spaced over the course of several days, these three teachers purchased 20 seats on the same flight.

Their average price per seat? Around €140.

I applaud their savvy and persistence in getting rates that Portuguese parents can afford. After all, we work for some of the lowest wages in the EU while paying some of the highest taxes — a killer combination that doesn’t allow Portuguese to travel much. For most of these students, this will be the first time they’ve ever seen another country besides Spain.

But what the hell is wrong with you, Ryanair? Schoolteachers call you for a group rate of 20 seats and you highball them? Have you never heard of a group discount? How about an educational discount? Or basic decency?

This is how your airline became the punchline for so many jokes. You earned it.

About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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10 Responses to Innovative teachers (subtitle: Ryanair is the Scrooge McDuck of airlines)

  1. xenatuba says:

    Well done, teachers! Ryan Air, shame on you!

  2. Genesis says:

    Wow! Well done! But how to get Ryanair to read this?

  3. Karien says:

    You remember that Fascinating Aida video called “Cheap Flights” I linked you once – well that was wholly based on Ryan Air. My partner is going to the Canary Island is April (flying with RA), and it’s cheaper to buy a different return ticket that what it is to change the return flight.

  4. Karien says:

    If you read up on Michael O’Leary you’ll get a picture of why RA is like that – he probably wouldn’t have given Mother Teresa a discount.

  5. I’m really impressed with our son’s teachers. They managed to buy the tickets, book apartments, contact museums + get two sponsorships to help lowering the prices per student and still give two tickets, plus half tickets to students with more difficult financial situation. They also got to the airport authorities to check all the needed paperwork.
    And they are paying their one trips and insurances.
    Seriously… these teachers do make better education a goal to look after. They are already making it.

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