This year for Christmas: CATALYST

Guess what’s coming to (an online) bookstore near you? Book 4 in the Chronicles of Alsea series: Catalyst.

This is a full-length novel which takes place immediately after Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge. In fact, Catalyst picks up the day after the previous book ends. If you’re curious about what happened to Captain Ekatya Serrado and Doctor Lhyn Rivers during the time they were absent from Alsea, this book has all the answers.

Catalyst cover

From the back cover:

After disobeying orders and saving the planet of Alsea from invasion, Captain Ekatya Serrado returns home a hero and renegade, alongside Dr. Lhyn Rivers, now the foremost authority on a culture that fascinates and terrifies. They share a secret: they are tyrees, linked by an Alsean empathic bond that should be biologically impossible for two Gaians. The secret could cost Ekatya her career, but when both women are drawn into a high stakes political game, their tyree bond may be all that stands between them and the dangerous enemies they have made.

In Catalyst, the fourth book of the Chronicles of Alsea, the bonds of love, friendship, and family are redefined. The intersection of the Alsean and Gaian cultures has profoundly changed both—and become a catalyst for miracles.

All of our favorite characters are there, including Andira Tal and Salomen Opah, though the bulk of the story belongs to Ekatya and Lhyn. Their decisions at Alsea have followed them home, and nothing can ever be the same.

The paperback version of Catalyst will be available on Amazon beginning December 7; at that time Amazon will be taking pre-orders for the e-books as well (they’ll be available on the 21st). If an e-book is what you want and you don’t wish to wait, you can go to Ylva Publishing and buy direct from there, starting on the 7th.

About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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4 Responses to This year for Christmas: CATALYST

  1. Claire Hughes says:

    This is Claire from Seattle and guess what I learned at my local used bookstore today?! Give up? Fletcher’s Alsea chronicles are collector’s items! Since they are from an independent press and they are in small quantities they are rare. He said that the cover art doesn’t draw people to the books . I don’t know how people found out about these great books, but I picked out The Caphenon by it’s cover on The Seattle Libraries’ computer book catalog. (Not a sci-fi fan, I chose it because the ship looked like Star Trek’s Enterprise.)
    The used book purveyor got me so excited I feel like I want to buy the series, though I am big on the lending library. Don’t worry, I’ve written my opinions of books number one and two in the library’s book catalog, in hopes that other unsuspecting readers will too become devotees of Fletcher DeLancey, Andira Tal, and all those touched by Alsea.
    So don’t even think about selling your Chronicles of Alsea books (unless you want to sell them to me at the book cover price)! Long live Fahla.

    • It’s true that my books would be rare on the used market, but like most small publishers, Ylva uses Print On Demand — which means that while you won’t find 20 copies at your local bookstore, you can go right to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or even Powell’s Books and order a copy. They’re all in stock and all sold at the cover price.

      And thank you for the library book catalog reviews! I’d love to see these books in more libraries.

  2. This is Louise from the Philippines. I preordered from Ylva Publishing the ebook because I couldn’t wait to read it. Please say you’ll be making a sequel. I love this book. I finished in 12 hours and didn’t get any work done! Will find time to read it over because I’m pretty sure I missed something.

    • Another day of lost work productivity due to my writing…my goal for the day is met! 😉

      Have no fear, there will be a sequel. But you have time to re-read this one before the next comes out.

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