The Warrior’s Challenge is in the wild

Warriors Challenge cover

Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge has entered its pre-release phase, meaning that for the next two weeks, it is being sold in e-book format exclusively in the Ylva store. After that, it will be available everywhere, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (If you are looking for the paperback edition, it has been sent to the printers and we’re hoping it will be on Amazon by this time next week.)

We worked hard to get this book out in time for Thanksgiving, and that work paid off when I realized how much happiness we have brought into some readers’ lives. With permission, I’m reprinting a Facebook post that made my morning today:

Fb post

I would say I’m sorry for the fact that her family will be ignored, but…I’m not sorry at all.

Happy Thanksgiving!


About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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21 Responses to The Warrior’s Challenge is in the wild

  1. Lisa Shaw says:

    And so the story takes full flight at last. Congratulations to you, amiga. WELL DONE. We (this is the royal we speaking) are very proud of and happy for you. 🙂

  2. Cwhite says:

    Lol, now that is someone who knows their priorities. Have just read the extract, and it is quite an odd feeling. I have read WAF so many times I could probably repeat it word perfect so finding new sentences and references threw me completely, in a really good way. I’m going to hold on for another two weeks and then have an almighty read in. I can picture it now, roaring log fire, glass of fine whisky and a few chocolates….heaven 😉 FYI, I did cave in and get Producers Challenge….told you no will power, but I have only read and re read the first three chapters. So much to look forward to!

  3. Cwhite says:

    Darn, wrote a long reply and it disappeared lol, so short version as follows. Congratulations, it is well deserved. Nancy def. has her priorities sorted. Me, I am going to hold out for another two weeks and then batten down the hatches and read, read, read😊

  4. McK says:

    WAF II is on my iPhone and I was tempted several times to read a chapter or three during our family festivities, but my mother would have smacked it out of my hands. I’m savoring this book and reading it much slower than the first two, since talk of a number four is far down the pipeline…right?

    • joanarling says:

      “VELLMAR THE BLADE (has been) Removed pending publication.”

      So yes, probably right.

      • #4 is in my feverish little brain right now, along with #5…but you might be surprised to know that I already have 20K words written for #5. It seems that Alsea will not leave me alone.

        • McK says:

          I wasn’t questioning that there will be more in the series, you’ve mentioned it in interviews. And I’ve known about Vellmar the Blade for awhile but, sadly, I was a latecomer to the party. I was suggesting that you don’t have proposed release dates for them, as you did with #2 and #3. Hence the savoring, because we might be headed for an Alsea dry-spell.

          • You’re right about the lack of release dates, esp. as I’ve only now begun the planning (and barely the writing) process. But there will at least be Vellmar’s story next year…

  5. Cwhite says:

    Sorry about the double post, the first one didn’t disappear after all. I seem to have obtained a new cute picture thingy though

  6. Ok, so I’m 20 chapters in on WAF 1 which means I’m about a weekend away from finishing it. Which in turn means I’m out looking for WAF 2. What’s the best way to get it in paperback form delivered to Porto? The last two I got from, but WAF 2 is still not available there. Ordering from Amazon US just seems awkward when the books are getting written just 550 kms away 🙂

    • Written close by, but not printed! Wish I could just send you a copy, but I haven’t got them either (yet). You should still be able to get it from, just not for another week or so. Right now it’s in the pre-release stage, but as soon as that ends, you can get it anywhere.

      I should tell you that the second half of WAF1 is slower-paced than The Caphenon and goes deeper into the culture (and family dynamics), but WAF2 picks up the pace again as it ties all the threads together.

  7. Cwhite says:

    Nine days to go!

  8. Cwhite says:

    Just preordered , delivery due on the 8th, so only five days to go!

  9. Cwhite says:

    Fahla is conspiring against me here. The 8th is a Tuesday, and because everything has to be just so I wont be able to start til Friday night. Criteria to be met include no work for the next few days, enabling late nights and lie ins. Just as well I’m already a night owl.

  10. Cwhite says:

    Two minutes past midnight and it’s here, hurrah. Roll on the weekend!!

  11. Cwhite says:

    Pacing myself, still managing to restrict my reading pleasure to the online teasers, but come Friday night all bets are off.

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