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Vertical dancing

Until now, I did not know of the existence of a sport called “vertical dancing” or “Bandaloop dancing.” But watching this video made me into a fan. Filmed during the Art + Soul Festival in Oakland, California, it shows two … Continue reading

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I do not think it means what you think it means

Over on my Chronicles of Alsea blog, I’ve begun a new series called “Writing Whoops” in which I choose an erroneous writing trope and pick it apart. The inaugural trope is the gun with a silencer—which, as we all know … Continue reading

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It’s Eurovision: time to learn your geography!

Last night was a big night in Europe: the annual festival of mediocre pop music, staged brilliantly and then judged almost entirely on a geopolitical basis, that we call Eurovision. Before I moved to Europe, my knowledge of Eurovision was … Continue reading

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Bee timelapse

When photographer Anand Varma was given an assignment on bees for National Geographic, he decided to work with a local beekeeper and keep a hive in his backyard. Familiarity bred fascination, and Varma fell in love with the intricate lives … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Today is a departure from the usual scenic photos, because I love praying mantids, and this photo by Hasan Baglar is gorgeous. Have you ever read instructions on what to do if you’re hiking in the mountains and run into … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Wednesday

I’ve been in a deep editing dive for what seems like forever, and it finally occurred to me that one of the many things that have been dropped in the meantime are my weekly wallpapers. Which is silly, considering how … Continue reading

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National Geographic on the veranda

Last week I was watching the sunset from our veranda when I found this brilliant little lady in one of my railing pots: A gorgeous crab spider, waiting amongst the flowers for an unwary pollinating insect to come by. She’s … Continue reading

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