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The Hymn of Acxiom

I was browsing our CD collection for something new to hear in the car and picked up an album I hadn’t heard in forever: Waking Hour by Vienna Teng. All the way to Pilates and back that day, I was … Continue reading

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A most amazing “failure”

Sometimes the mainstream press really does not know what’s going on when it comes to anything techy. Case in point: earlier this month, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon capsule that was destined to dock with the … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

When most people hear the word “Maui,” they don’t think of a scene like this. But all of the Hawaiian islands have a similar geographical division in which the prevailing winds bring tons of rain to the east and north … Continue reading

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Passing the test

***** Based on the test devised by xkcd author Randall Munroe, my upcoming science fiction novel has a high probability of being good. I’ve invented a few words and concepts, but three in one sentence? Never. Also, the use of … Continue reading

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Generic trailer checking all the boxes

It’s been a busy week of editing and hosting family, hence the quiet blog. But a friend just tipped me off to this, and it’s just too perfect not to share. For the first time since I can remember, the … Continue reading

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Best firework display ever

I love fireworks, and New Year’s Eve is a cornucopia of them. Every year I happily sit down with the laptop and check out various displays that have already happened east of us. Later that night we turn on Sky … Continue reading

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