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And the new winner is…

I’ve been out of the news stream for a couple of weeks while in a virtual form of writer’s seclusion…but I emerged in time to find this cheery update from The Independent: Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side … Continue reading

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A Tale of Momentum

This little animation is just over a minute long, but its protagonist has tons of character (literally), the best eyebrows ever, and an attitude I have to admire. And: the animation studio is in Portland, Oregon! It’s HouseSpecial.

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The ESA’s day in the sun

NASA/JPL usually gets all the press, but yesterday the European Space Agency had its moment. That’s because in March 2004 the ESA sent out a probe called Rosetta, which then traveled 6.4 billion kilometers over a period of ten years … Continue reading

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The Caphenon

I’ve been waiting a long time to post this one. The book cover for my new science fiction novel The Caphenon is done, and it’s beautiful. Having a ship I envisioned in my head take shape in the “real” world … Continue reading

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The microwave

Our microwave stopped rotating its internal plate some time ago, so for well over a year we’ve been heating our dishes by putting them in for a minute or so, taking them out to stir the contents, and then putting … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Tuesday

For US readers, a bit of peace to celebrate the fact that as of today, the onslaught of political noise is over.* Congratulations, you survived! As a reward, here is a gorgeous autumn scene from Nukarinkoski, Finland. Imagine hearing that … Continue reading

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Anti-arachnophobe post

Remember when I posted that video of the gigantoid web produced in Brazil by a colony of cooperatively-hunting spiders? And many of you North Americans said, “OH GOD — well, at least that’s in South America and not here”? Guess … Continue reading

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