Inveraray Castle

As promised in the comments to Sunday’s post, here are a few more photos of Inveraray Castle, home of Clan Campbell.

The Armoury Hall really is worth the price of entrance all by itself. Not only does it contain an astonishing range of weapons, but their display is pure art. The room also has the highest ceiling in Scotland at 21 meters.

Armoury Hall, Inverary Castle

These Scottish broadswords date from Queen Victoria’s first visit to Inveraray in 1847.

chest plate and swords, Armoury Hall, Inverary Castle

Another example of the artistic arrangement of the weapons. The Brown Bess muskets date to around 1740, and in their spandrel arrangements they are alternating with Lochaber axes. I found myself wondering if the architect actually designed these spaces to perfectly fit the roundels and spandrels. The wow factor is pretty high!

Armoury Hall, Inverary Castle

I hadn’t paid much attention to the curved railings, which are featured on both the stairs and the landings, until a docent asked me if I knew why the curves were there. I hadn’t a clue. Turns out they were designed to allow passage of the ladies in their hoop skirts.

upper landing, Inveraray Castle

In another downstairs room, an entire wall is devoted to regimental drums.

Black Watch drum, Inveraray Castle

The castle’s exterior is iconic and extremely photogenic. It’s hard to get a bad shot, though from what I understand, we lucked out to get a blue sky.

Inveraray Castle

Sharp-eyed fans of Downton Abbey will recognize Inveraray as “Duneagle,” the Scottish castle the Granthams visited in the 2012 Christmas special.

Inveraray  Duneagle Castle

The castle was closed to the public for a week during filming, but apparently the loss of tourism revenue was made up for by the fact that the cast and crew stayed in the village of Inveraray. Locals were thrilled with the star sightings, and the star who stirred more excitement than any other was Dame Maggie Smith. Another reason to like the Scots: they have good taste.

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5 Responses to Inveraray Castle

  1. Lisa Shaw says:

    I’m surprised that you didn’t remark upon the testosterone factor in these rooms. Such manly displays of weaponry! Also, I haven’t seen the word “spandrel” in print in more than a decade (I actually recall exactly the last time I did), and I am nothing if not a voracious reader. *swoon*

    Nicely done. 🙂

  2. Brigitte says:

    It looks awesome.

    But my first thought was – I am so glad it is not me who has to dust and polish all these weapons.

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