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Wallpaper Monday

It’s possible I have a fetish for supercell cloud formations. But this was too awesome to pass up, especially given photographer Marko Korošec’s name for the image: “The Independence Day.” While on storm chasing expeditions in the Tornado Alley in … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Hope that kayak is heat resistant… Photographed by Alexandre Socci off the coast of the Big Island, Hawaii. Click the image to magmify. (I have waited years for that one.)

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The writing process

Fellow writer (and current victim of my editing pen) Blythe Rippon tagged me on a “writing process blog tour,” which means we all answer the same four questions about how we do what we do. Because, of course, every author … Continue reading

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The power of memory

Today while we were puffing along on our daily hill walk, my son asked me what my favorite album was. (He loves to ask the “favorite” question, which almost invariably leads me to say, “I don’t have a favorite,” which … Continue reading

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“Game of Thrones” to shake the floor

In honor of the season ender of “Game of Thrones” (which we haven’t watched yet…it airs on Portuguese TV tomorrow night), here is a floor-shaking cover of the theme song. It features 23 players on 32 low brass instruments, including: … Continue reading

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Interactive ad

Volkswagen’s latest ad is a very well done PSA. Imagine this in an IMAX theater… (Hat tip to Scout.)

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After commenter Ines referred to the adventure of teaching an American how to eat tremoços, I thought perhaps it was time to introduce this snack food to the blog audience. Tremoços are a yummy, hands-on snack beloved by the Portuguese, … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Thursday

I thought it was a fantasy art painting, or at least a book cover to one of those Arctic Circle mysteries involving murder and mayhem but no footprints… Nope. It’s the Ring Road in Iceland. According to photographer Dominic Kamp: … Continue reading

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The cat food experiment

We have a cat who is, shall we say, fond of food. And it has only gotten worse with the advent of a second cat in the household, who — despite never attempting to steal Primary Cat’s food — still … Continue reading

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The old and the new

My stereo consists of a 1979 Pioneer amplifier, a 1990 NAD compact disc player, and a pair of Magnepan speakers from 1991. The combination gives warm, full sound, and I’ve never had an urge to update. Affordable modern equipment looks … Continue reading

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