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Wallpaper Monday

The Maroon Bells are a pair of fourteeners in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, just southwest of Aspen. Photography fans know them as one of the most famous subjects of Ansel Adams. I was fortunate to see an Ansel Adams exhibit … Continue reading

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The wrong kitty litter

No, it’s not what you think. When I saw this headline: Organic Cat Litter Chief Suspect In Nuclear Waste Accident …I thought it had to be from a humor site. Then I checked the source URL, and it was National … Continue reading

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A little morning adventure

As is typical of Portuguese housing, our bathroom is quite small. Space considerations necessitate that my cat’s litter box be located right next to the toilet—actually, between the toilet and the bidet. And as is typical of many Portuguese, we … Continue reading

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Supercell time lapse

This has already gone viral, but I’m still going to post it. Mostly because I can’t resist a time lapse video of a supercell thunderstorm. Filmed in Wyoming, by a storm chasing tour outfit. Their customers got their money’s worth … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

I recently watched the opening sequence of “Contact” with new eyes, thanks to information from the audio commentary on the DVD. Steve Starkey, Producer: We also decided to keep the type style of the original book [for] the main title … Continue reading

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Lights out

As an Oregon resident, I was accustomed to the majority of my electric power being produced locally. Most of the Pacific Northwest is powered by hydroelectric dams, so the source is never far away, and the number of transmission lines/switches/power … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Tuesday

Not sure which part of the island this is, but it does make me want to move Madeira further up my list of Places to Go. Photo by Noura Aljeri. (Click the image to embiggen.)

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The twelve principles of animation

The original animators of Disney studios developed the twelve basic principles of animation back in the 1930s, with an eye toward using animation to express character and personality. Here is a modern take on them, using nothing more than a … Continue reading

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This must be tea for the 1%

Last month, I entered a contest in our local paper and won an afternoon tea for two at the Conrad Hotel, one of the swankest, most expensive resort hotels in the Algarve. My wife and I enjoyed the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Friday

Photographer Vanessa Neufeld writes: Every May for the last 3 years I have driven down to Tornado Alley to capture some amazing storms. This supercell held so much promise to drop a tornado but one small shift in the atmosphere … Continue reading

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