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What are raindrops shaped like?

My wife asked me this question yesterday. I thought about it and then guessed spheres, because I figured surface tension would hold things together. Happily for my ego, I was right—but only for raindrops less than one millimeter in diameter. … Continue reading

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Virtuosos disguised as comics

This video has gone viral, and for good reason — it takes an incredible amount of skill to make such hijinks look so easy and amusing. Are these musicians preparing their European tour soon? Because I would so buy tickets. … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

The American midwest isn’t the only place to find massive supercell thunderstorms. This one formed off the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island before sweeping over Christchurch and North Canterbury. Photographer David Hardy captured this impressive shot on 23 … Continue reading

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A link dump for your weekend

A bunch of interesting things have gathered in my tabs lately, so here are a few for your weekend enjoyment. — First, go full screen and enjoy this gorgeous time lapse of 30 different European locations…including Lisboa and what looks … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Thursday

I intended to post a different wallpaper today, but then I stumbled across this one and it just knocked me out. It’s also a great example of how serendipity is often at least 75% preparation and only 25% luck. Says … Continue reading

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My book is out

I’m happy to announce that last week, my book about geeky romance on a university campus was released by Ylva Publishing in e-book format. (The paperback edition will be available in another two weeks.) It’s been doing quite well, sitting … Continue reading

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This could change the world

Why have I never heard of this product before? We could sure use a bottle in our household. Yesterday someone in this family — and I am not naming names but it was neither me nor my wife — exited … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Thursday

Storvatnet Lake, Lofoten Islands, Norway. Photographer Stian Klo took some chances getting this photograph: I was desperately searching a good sunrise spot this particular morning. Normally Storvatnet Lake is completely covered in snow, so you can only imagine my surprise … Continue reading

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Link dump (with pretty pictures)

It’s time to clear out a few saved links, which I haven’t found time to build entire blog posts around. So for your reading and viewing pleasure: Take an aerial tour of the world on this page featuring 46 aerial … Continue reading

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Mason bee first aid

It’s April, and the air is warm, and that means…mason bee season! A female red mason bee (Osmia rufa) carrying a mud ball. I wrote about my mason bee colony last March, when the boys were popping out. We’re well … Continue reading

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