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Wallpaper Wednesday

The Pinnacles Desert in western Australia’s Nambung National Park features limestone formations as high as five meters, standing amid windswept sands. How they formed is the topic of some controversy, with several theories competing. The only thing everyone agrees on … Continue reading

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Storm porn

I love me a good storm/weather time-lapse, and this one is gorgeous. Not only is the footage beautiful, but the haunting music makes a perfect accompaniment. Nicolaus Wegner shot it during the summer of 2013 in South Dakota and Wyoming, … Continue reading

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Volta ao Algarve

Guess what whizzed by our flat today? The Volta ao Algarve (Tour of Algarve)! We literally walked out our front door and down the block to see it. As always, the entire peloton was past us in about about three … Continue reading

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Where’s the nearest Canadian?

Someone at Molson Canadian had a brilliant idea for advertising: install a refrigerator full of cold beers in various European cities, then tie the door lock into a scanner that looks for a Canadian passport. ANY Canadian passport. Here is … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Yes, we’re on a floating wallpaper schedule these days. I’ll try to get back to Mondays, but the last few weeks have been a bit crazy here at the homestead. At any rate, in celebration of wrapping up my itinerary … Continue reading

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Best letter to the editor

From last week’s Economist:

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Frozen back home

Oregon has been having some extraordinary weather lately, though it seems “extraordinary” is losing its applicability as these sorts of temperatures hit more and more often. Lasting snow at the beach is extremely unusual, but there it was, while the … Continue reading

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Avalanche in slo-mo

Well, it looks like slo-mo, but in reality this avalanche is just speed-challenged. It roared down toward a village in Passeier Valley (Italy’s South Tyrol region) at such a stately rate that all 25 locals were able to evacuate in … Continue reading

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Cute Meter reading = 11

At the end of January, a wild sea otter and her pup drifted into Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Great Tide Pool, an exhibit that is open to the bay. Mom and pup floated around the pool for a day, generating approximately … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

HDR photographer Trey Ratcliffe said of this photo: While exploring Kyoto, I eventually found my way to this fanciful bamboo forest. There had been a light rain most of the morning and everything was quite lovely. The rain does strange … Continue reading

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