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Mesmerizing map

I could stare at this for hours: Well, not this image exactly, because it’s a screenshot. But if you go to the Earth Wind Map site, you can watch the wind currents of the Earth moving in real time. It’s … Continue reading

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This flashlight is a weapon

Back in August, I bought a tiny keychain flashlight and conducted a geeky comparison of it with like-sized flashlights in our house. (For the record, I am still in love with the Streamlight Nano.) On Christmas, a new flashlight appeared … Continue reading

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Tuesday wallpaper

Ball’s Pyramid is the world’s tallest volcanic stack at 562 meters (1,844 feet) high, and only 300 meters across at its thickest point. It’s part of the Lord Howe Island chain, off the southeast coast of Australia, and has a … Continue reading

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Something died in the refrigerator

European refrigerators are not like their American cousins. They’re much smaller, designed for a grocery shopping style that involves daily or almost daily trips to the market for fresh produce and fresh cuts from the butcher. Our fridge is less … Continue reading

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Possibly the coolest astronomy name ever

Due to the fact that the American Geophysical Union is having a conference in San Francisco right now, at which NASA/ESA-associated scientists are making presentations on their Cassini research, the science world is a-twitter with posts and articles about one … Continue reading

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Proof that friendship — and a well-designed ad — trumps geopolitics

Google designed this ad for the massive Indian market, but its theme of friendship transcends language, cultural and political barriers. The arbitrary 1947 partition of the British Indian Empire into Pakistan and India meant that friends and families found themselves … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Whiskas recently ran an ad campaign called “Feeding your cat’s instincts,” which used a wee bit of Photoshop to show a domestic tabby doing big cat things. The best ones for wallpapers are the action shots — chasing a gazelle, … Continue reading

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Merry Austerity Christmas

I used to be a total Grinch about Christmas. The commercialism, the greed, the insistence on buying stuff, the stress of being required to buy gifts for people regardless of whether you wanted to, and regardless of whether they’d even … Continue reading

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Two extremes of human artistry

I love watching people exhibit the best parts of humanity, especially because it provides such a welcome respite from all the worst parts we read about in our daily news. Here are two such exhibitions, hailing from opposite ends of … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Tuesday

I know, it’s getting to be a habit to post them on Tuesdays. At any rate, have you seen the latest Mars image sent back by Curiosity? Check out this amazing rock formation: Just kidding, that’s not Mars. It’s the … Continue reading

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