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Duck breasts

My wife and I stumbled across this statue in Campo Grande, which is a long, skinny (mostly one block wide) park in central Lisbon, running along the front of the Universidade de Lisboa. It’s an oasis of grass and trees in the middle of a lot of traffic noise, and makes for a nice walk down to the Campo Grande train station.

Yes, it’s a duck. Or it might be a man with a duck head, because he definitely has human arms and legs, and is wearing shoes, a coat, and a hat. And yes, he is holding a pair of giant breasts with very erect nipples. Viewed from behind, it becomes obvious that the breasts are not part of the duck; he’s just hanging on to them. Maybe he’s guarding them? At any rate, it’s quite an eye-opener, and made me laugh. I’m not sure if it was the artist’s intent, but I will now forever associate Campo Grande with a giant pair of breasts being cradled by a duck-man.


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3 Responses to Filed under “public art I cannot explain”

  1. Paulo says:

    If you can bear to read the pretentious (surprise) description of the art work, which is titled “Infância”/”Childhood”…, it’s (in Portuguese) here:

    The sculpture is actually by one of our most famous cartoonists, who created a character called “Guarda Ricardo”/”Officer… Ricardo” (your wife will know 🙂 )

    He had a lot of great cartoons (one of my favorite art forms), some of which can be found in this blog:

    P.S.: I actually like the piece, it makes me happy.

    • oregon expat says:

      Thank you, Paulo! And wow, that IS pretentious. It took me a while to wade through it.

      Still, I agree with you. The sculpture made me smile and then laugh, and that’s the best I can expect of any art.

  2. Inge says:

    I was wondering why you call this a duck? It has arms and legs and it doesn’t quack. And now finally i see it isn’t a face with a long nose (pinokkio) but a duck head.. pffww.

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