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Arq + Glacier: in case of disaster

(Warning: this post is for Mac users only. For everyone else, go look at the exploding sperm whale.) My wife recently sold her old MacBook Pro to a student, and in one of those moments of profound embarrassment, the internal … Continue reading

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Another exploding whale

Two years ago, I posted about Oregon’s famous exploding whale, complete with video. (If you missed that one, go watch the video now. It’s a classic.) Now it’s time for another. This video has none of the drama or humor … Continue reading

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Assorted items to make you smile

First up, in case there aren’t enough cats on the Internet: photos of an 11-month-old lion cub at the Scottish Drummond Safari Park, discovering the joys of autumn leaves. (Hat tip to Inge.) Have you ever heard of Dance Your … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Tuesday

Is it live, or is it Memorex? (Does anyone remember those commercials anymore?) Hint: it’s Neptune and its largest moon, Triton. So either this is one of the photos taken by Voyager 2 in 1989, or…it’s a gorgeous wallpaper produced … Continue reading

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Sweet Honey in the Jar

(Cat provided for perspective.) Yesterday I joined a local walking group for a 10-kilometer jaunt through countryside that is as rural as it gets in Portugal. The views were splendid, despite — and in some ways because of — the … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Remember the day we all went outside, looked up, and smiled at the camera on Cassini? (Well, those of you on the light side of the Earth, that is. We folks in Europe just thought about it.) That was July … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

…seeing a green flash from your home office. For several months of the year, the sun sets over the ocean as seen from our south-facing windows. That means I can watch sunsets while sitting at my desk, which is a … Continue reading

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“Gravity” in IKEA

If you have: a) seen “Gravity,” and b) ever experienced the intentionally baffling maze of an IKEA store, you will chortle at this spoof trailer. It’s called “IKEA,” and it does an alarmingly good job of conveying the inherent danger … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Tuesday

This is a day late, but yesterday was a busy one with lots of errands, which we capped with a viewing of “Thor: The Dark World.” (Short review: Fun if you turn off your brain — not that you should … Continue reading

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“I didn’t know you were gonna scream like THAT, though.”

This very serious public radio interview nearly had me snorting my morning tea out my nose. It all started when NPR reporter Jeff Cohen learned that his 5-year-old daughter had cut his 3-year-old daughter’s hair, with the results you’d expect … Continue reading

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