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Messing with the classics

Loulé is having its summer “White Night,” an event designed to celebrate the end of summer (and give small business owners one last chance to make some revenue off tourists). Our courtyard has been turned into a parking lot, and … Continue reading

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Geeking over a flashlight

I love stuff that works. For some reason that escapes me now, I recently did a bit of research into pocket-sized flashlights (I know, that’s practically the definition of geeky) and found one that kept coming up in reviews as … Continue reading

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It’s raining!

A lovely thunderstorm just rolled over Loulé from the north, moving slowly and muttering all the way, and it brought RAIN with it! The first since early June, so far as I can remember. It’s been raining for nearly an … Continue reading

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The best concert hall

Last Friday, my wife and I drove out to the Vale do Lobo resort to pick up our tickets for this year’s “Concert on the Course,” featuring the Algarve Orchestra playing on the 18th hole of the golf course. The … Continue reading

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Yawn, another scandal and a “new” meme made from old stuff

Apparently, pop star Miley Cyrus became the latest ingénue singer determined to shake her sweet-young-thing image by shaking her ass and making a blatant sexual spectacle of herself at the Video Music Awards. Ho hum. We’ve seen this play before, … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

A part of Portugal many Portuguese never see: the island of Madeira. This is Areeiro, the second tallest mountain on the island at 1,818 meters (about 6,000 feet). The image is an HDR assembly of three separate photographs, which gives … Continue reading

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Some trick flying

And by “trick,” I mean the American slang definition of “seriously impressive.” Outside Magazine says this footage is from Portugal, but nothing in the YouTube info confirms that (or mentions anything at all about its location). But it’s true that … Continue reading

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The fun of fish sex

Since Hollywood is not exactly known for its fidelity to basic biology (or even a passing acquaintance with reality) in its animated anthropomorphic movies, I tend to suspend my geek mind while watching them. But fish scientist Patrick Cooney couldn’t … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

…going exactly the speed limit through town, on a mostly level road: …on a bicycle. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

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This is the best movie news I’ve read all month!

Hey everyone, remember this? What, you can’t tell what that is? Why not? Could it be BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE IT? That is a screenshot from “The Hunger Games,” which was one of the most egregious queasy cam offenders in … Continue reading

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