Express mail poop

You know I just had to post this one.

A small Spanish town has figured out an extremely effective method for combating rude dog owners who leave their dog’s poop wherever it happened to fall: It couriers the poop back to the owner’s home.

During the course of a week a team of twenty volunteers patrolled the town’s streets on the lookout for dog owners who failed to scoop. They then approached the guilty owner and struck up a casual conversation to discover the name of the dog.

“With the name of the dog and the breed it was possible to identify the owner from the registered pet database held in the town hall,” explained a spokesman from the council.

The volunteers then scooped up the excrement and packaged it in a box branded with town hall insignia and marked ‘Lost Property’ and delivered by courier to the pet owner’s home.

Lost Property, ha! (Lost Pooperty is more like it.) Best of all, the dog owners had to sign for the delivery, lending the process a very official flavor that surely increased their embarrassment when they opened the box.

The one-week campaign resulted in 147 “express poop” deliveries, as the Telegraph calls them, and the end result was a 70% drop in illegal turds. Now that’s a success!

The previous year’s anti-poop effort involved chasing offending dog owners with a remote-controlled dog poop on wheels, which sounds like it was thought up by a 12-year-old, or me. The rolling turd carried a small sign saying “Don’t abandon me. Pick me up.” Let me just state for the record that I would have paid to be the operator of that scooting poop.

Both campaigns were the brainchildren of an advertising agency named McCann, which won the Sol de Plata award last weekend at the Ibero-American Advertising Festival. The agency also produced this wonderful little campaign video, which made me laugh out loud. It’s in Spanish, but if you don’t understand the language, it won’t matter.

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Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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7 Responses to Express mail poop

  1. Power Wench says:

    LOL!!! Love it!
    Here I try to set a good example and gently educate about picking up the dog’s poop on the beach and shore areas where we all walk our dogs. Yes, there’s plenty of space and yes, the ocean washes it away, but – many of the same people get SO upset at reports of fecal coliforms in water samples from beaches, the bays, etc. Where do they think fecal coliforms come from???

  2. Ana_ñ says:


    I was seriously missing a new piece in this particular field of expertise: dog poop. I still think that you should tag it appropriately so as any new reader could easily access to your vast research in this matter.

    I admit that I saw the video in Spanish TV news, but that was infinitely less fun than reading your post. And I’m picturing you operating the radio-controlled poop… uniformed. 😀

  3. Jackie Smith says:

    Great idea! A local lady was in her garden when she saw a dog enter and proceed to poop on her driveway. The dog owner ‘pretended’ not to have seen the deposit and walked on. The garden owner picked up the poop with her trowel and followed the dog owner up the road and then casually dropped the poop into her open handbag, saying ‘I think this belongs to you’. Job sorted…Or should that be big job?

  4. xenatuba says:

    I watched a lady try and cover her dog’s deposit with a leaf. (In uniform, I can cite someone for that, btw.) I asked her what she was planning to do with the crap, and when she “hemmed and hawed” I gave her a small sandwich bag to use. I have also had less than positive conversations that ended with a citation. Somehow, I have yet to go to court on one of those…

    I would LOVE to see you operating the poop machine!

  5. Linda Briganti says:

    I shared this story at a meeting last night. People couldn’t stop laughing. Fortunately we don’t have too big a problem in my little town.

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