Breaking ice

Stanford University Ph.D. student Cassandra Brooks spent two months aboard the icebreaker ship Nathaniel B. Palmer as it traveled — and sometimes crunched — through the Ross Sea. She’s been blogging her experiences at National Geographic in a series of posts that are well worth your time. Her post on “Fighting for the last tomato” reminded me of my own experience on a Gulf of Mexico research cruise, which — while in far more hospitable temperatures — still ran into the problem of keeping fresh vegetables on board a long cruise with no resupply stops. We ran out of lettuce quickly, and I remember fantasizing about salads. (The fried foods were available forever, though — ugh.)

Brooks’ most recent post is a video featuring nothing but the forward view from the bridge, which you might think would be boring. You would be wrong. She writes: “To share the incredible experience of an almost infinite variety of scenes, I’ve compiled a time-lapse montage shot over the last two months, condensed into less than five minutes, with a surprise at the end.”

Infinite variety is right. This is a mesmerizing video.

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4 Responses to Breaking ice

  1. Paulo says:

    The Caps Lock key on my keyboard is one of the least worn out. That information was necessary for the following to be appreciated:


    I recently read an equally mesmerizing New Yorker piece on the Northeast Passage. It contains a terrifying prediction: “By the middle of this century, you may be able to traverse the Arctic in a canoe.”

    This is a link to the article (it may be behind the paywall)

    There’s also a video, much much more somber than the one in the post (and very very… Nordic):

  2. Mormonator says:

    I’ve tried five different times and cannot view it. It says invalid request error. Is it just me? Because I just buy that photo I want to see this video. Cheers

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  3. Mormonator says:

    my bad. I just follow the link to the website. Thanks for linking to this sorry I’m a little slow on the uptake. As always you find us the most interesting things.

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

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