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Nat Geo moment

My resident crab spider, Thomisus onustus, has stayed in my Felicia as I suspected she would. It’s been nearly a month now, and I’ve watched out for her whenever I watered or deadheaded the plants. She moves around from flower … Continue reading

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Bodies at altitude

Last night I was catching up on Atlas Obscura and came across an amazing post about the bodies of Mt. Everest. Of course I’ve read that Everest is littered with frozen bodies (it’s too dangerous to try to retrieve them, … Continue reading

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Easy come, easy go

The other day my wife informed me, as she was getting ready to leave for work, that some family property in Lisboa was finally rented. Our share of the rent had been deposited into our account, a whopping 125 euros. … Continue reading

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Return of the Cicadas

As anyone who isn’t living in a hole knows, Brood II of the 17-year Magicicada species of cicadas is emerging this spring. Contrary to what the mainstream media is reporting, however, Brood II is not “the big one” in terms … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

A scene from the Oregon coast, because that’s where my heart is this week.

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Remembering a friend

Kay Baiz 21 July 1936–22 May 2013 When a loved one dies, the only thing that has gone is her body. So long as she is remembered, her spirit remains. Kay Baiz touched many lives, so I suspect her spirit … Continue reading

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Tram 28

Still going through vacation photos, so I’ll put one up now and again to punctuate the usual geekery. This is Tram 28, a must-do for anyone seeing Lisboa for the first time. The old electric trams still run throughout the … Continue reading

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Post break

Today I learned that one of my oldest friends has passed away, and all inspiration for blogging has temporarily fled. I will resume tomorrow, but for tonight, I plan to lift a glass and wish her well on her journey.

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Why did the pedestrian cross the road?

A friend recently asked me what I most enjoyed about living in Portugal compared to the US. One of my answers (besides “the FOOD!”) was that I love the way the towns are laid out, the fact that everything I … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Here’s something a little different — a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture, photographed in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. Makes me think of a jellyfish swarm in Technicolor.

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