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The Garden of Limp Dicks

While in Lisboa with my parents, we walked from the Miradouro Graça down to the Miradouro Santa Luzia, and in the process passed by a tiny little triangular plaza on a narrow neighborhood street. On the single building fronting this … Continue reading

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Notice of intermittent blogging

My parents just boarded a plane in Portland, Oregon to begin their looooong journey eastward, which will end here in Loulé. They’re spending three weeks with us, and I’m tickled beyond belief. It’s my mom’s second trip to Portugal, but … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Welcome to the Grand Canyon — of the Yellowstone, that is. This is in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The little hint of rainbow and the mist in the air tells us that we’re looking downstream from a big waterfall. Added … Continue reading

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Mount Sharp

The tiny photo above is all I could fit in a width of 640 pixels, but if you’d like to see more — much, much more — go over to NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory page. The image there is massively … Continue reading

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NOW I get it

Our amolador (knife sharpener) whistled his way through our condos this morning, so I galloped downstairs with three knives for him to tune up. As he started on the first one, he asked if I had any scissors that needed … Continue reading

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The mason bees are emerging!

Today was a wonderfully warm and sunny day, which felt especially welcome after the two weeks of rain and wind we’d had previously. And right on schedule, the mason bees began to emerge. We have a tall wooden shelving unit … Continue reading

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A day brightener

Today hasn’t been a great day so far. I’m in the midst of getting my second-ever crown, a procedure that was supposed to be easily concluded last week with the installation of my permanent crown. After two hours of torture, … Continue reading

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Obama pardons the sequester and sends it to Portugal

A late-night talk show host sends a “reporter” out into the street with a completely nonsensical question: What do you think about Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal? For my non-US readers: The sequester is a kind … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

This week’s wallpaper is a departure in that it’s located nowhere in particular…and anywhere you want it to be. Drawn by tschultze using Photoshop and Vue, it’s titled “Sanctuary” and demonstrates the artist’s belief that “everyone could use a place … Continue reading

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Portuguese idiom of the day

Just learned this one, and am going to be waiting for a chance to use it: É cor de burro quando foge. “It’s the color of a burro on the run.” (Literally, “when it flees.”) In other words, a color … Continue reading

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