Not for the arachnophobes

This video has been making the geek rounds, and it has definitely put Santo Antônio da Platina, Brazil, on my Must Visit list.

It’s home to a colony of spiders called Anelosimus eximius, which have an unusual feeding behavior. After hanging out in trees all day, they come out in the evening to spin a web. Each web is joined to the next one, resulting in a virtual sheet of webbing dotted with spiders. They combine their efforts to catch flying insects.

I have never heard of cooperative group feeding in spiders before — at least, not spiders that weren’t family units. This is beyond cool. But it’s really not for the arachnophobes.

(Note: the title of the video means “Raining Spiders.” It shows nicely in full screen, if you dare.)

Via The Loop, where the first comment cracked me up:

[-does a google search for distance between his house and Santo Antônio da Platina-]

Answer: 4,720 miles

[-breathes sigh of relief-]

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Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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3 Responses to Not for the arachnophobes

  1. Lisa Shaw says:

    [does a Google search for distance between my house and Santo Antônio da Platina]

    Answer: 6,649 miles, give or take

    [breathes sigh of relief, declines to watch the video]

    Thanks for the warning! 😉

  2. Lilaine says:

    Knowing your love of all kinds of arachnids, I was wondering why you hadn’t posted something about that video, yet… wasn’t the web worldwide enough to reach Portugal? 😉
    …Imagine ‘equipping’ them with tiny lights (or fluorescent patches) on their back and belly. What a Christmas lighting that would be! 😀

  3. Ana_ñ says:

    Not for the arachnophobes, not for the arachnophobes…
    The Must Visit list for real arachnophilic ONLY: Raining spiders.
    Surely you already know what kind of umbrella or hat you are going to wear for the experience!
    Watching the video was cool, though. 🙂

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