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TIME Higgs boson nomination: 5 for 5

I’m probably dating myself here, but I remember when many mainstream magazines, and TV or print news organizations, had actual scientists working for them. Some of them even had “science desks,” which fact-checked and explained science-based stories. That was before … Continue reading

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A new possibilitea

Last weekend there was a street fair in Loulé, full of vendors selling goods for Natal (Christmas). We wandered through it, picking up a few odds and ends (and one cat toy, because my wife now sees the world through … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

A five-minute exposure smooths out the edges to create this silky vision of Albion Falls, near Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). This is the sort of place that just begs for barefoot kids to play in it during the summer. Hamilton calls … Continue reading

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Chicken mother and owl father

I did say I wouldn’t turn this into a cat blog, but…here’s an update, which has led me to learn a couple of new Portuguese phrases. Rumple the Kitten came to us with an eye/respiratory illness, which we are currently … Continue reading

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The look of love

The news out of Washington, just north of my home state, has been a delight to watch this week. After finally overthrowing its own mini-DOMA in November, Washington’s government has been preparing for the day when the new law would … Continue reading

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The third tornado

Three weeks ago, a pair of tornadoes ripped through part of the Algarve and immediately occupied front pages of newspapers and blogs all over the nation. I think the news missed one. There were three. While driving to Pilates a … Continue reading

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A lesser-known Hallelujah

Both NPR and The Atlantic have done stories on the recent release of Alan Light’s book, The Holy or the Broken, about Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” As NPR notes, there are songs, and then there are anthems. “Hallelujah” is definitely an … Continue reading

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Attack of the killer mustard

Last night we had bifanas for supper, which is a quick and easy sandwich made with very thin sautéed pork steaks on a white roll called a papo seco. A bifana can be dressed up in various ways, but at … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Photographer Antony Spencer shot this photo with a Hasselblad on the Montana plains — an impressive feat, given the size of the camera and required tripod, and the winds that blast into and out of a supercell. He wrote: This … Continue reading

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