A few notes

First of all, thank you to the readers who took the time to review my blog on Expats Blog — you pushed me into a bronze medal! This is pretty cool, considering that 1) the winners are judged solely on numbers of reviewers (contrary to what I’d been led to believe), 2) I didn’t post a request for reviews until 24 hours before the deadline, and 3) when I finally did post that request, it was an “Oh, by the way” addendum to the end of a regular post, and not a special post by itself. Despite hamstringing myself in every possible way, I still ended up with enough reviews for a bronze. Well done!

Of course, the award itself is not a big deal. The big deal for me was reading those reviews, which were a perfect representation of the high-quality commenters that I have on this blog. You folks make this so much more than I could on my own, and give regular evidence of the power of crowd-sourced knowledge. There’s a lot of knowledge among you, and I love that you share it here.

So I put that Bronze Medal award in my sidebar as a tribute to you. You’re the ones who make this blog what it is, and you’re the reason for that medal. Thank you!


Second, after flailing around for weeks trying to get various projects under control (and feeling not unlike those hamsters in their exercise wheel), I’ve decided I need to take a little internet vacation. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting (though I might take a full break around Christmas and New Year’s, since we’ll have guests), but my posts for the next week will be abbreviated. I’m also keeping Twitter turned off during that time, because wow, what a firehose that turned out to be! How people manage following 1,000 others plus various lists, I have no idea. In the meantime, I’ll use the week to get a backlog cleared, so that I can focus on some serious writing.


And third, today’s actual post: a video sent by Inge, which made me laugh and feel a sort of tragic sympathy, all at the same time. Besides, we’re preparing to put up our tree after dinner tonight, so this will help us get into the spirit.

About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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9 Responses to A few notes

  1. Cathy White says:

    Ok, I started off laughing but by the end I was upset, silly I know but I was really rooting for that little wreath.

  2. joanarling says:

    Congrats for the Bronze Medal! However, I don’t feel it’s the commenters who “make this blog what it is”. After all, what could we comment on if it weren’t for your work? Honour where it belongs, i.e. with you.

    Oh, and I’m not going to watch that video, not after Cathy’s comment. Instead, I’ll hum a few bars of “Bring Back Happy Endings”…

  3. Ana_ñ says:

    Congratulations. Your talent, knowledge, hard work, and generosity stand out here, in this blog that deserves many awards.
    Enjoy your well-earned vacation but, please, come back!

  4. oregon expat says:

    Thank you, Joan and Ana_ñ! And don’t worry, I’m not going away.

    Joan, it’s not that the wreath has a bad ending…just that it meets the fate of most novelty items we buy. It’s a tribute to the video creators that we end up caring so much.

    • joanarling says:

      When I was in first or second grade, our teacher told us to gather autumn leaves and arrange them into a sort of collage, fixated by a thin sheet of plastic. Probably for motivation, she told us, “That leaf, lying there, wonders if you’ll step on it or whether you’ll pick it up and make it wonderful.” Ever since, I’ve thought of most of of our world as animated, in the sense of “having a soul”. That may not include the latest DVD-player, but it certainly includes a wreath. Silly me.

    • Inge says:

      To me, it also shows our society as a throw-away society instead of a durable way of living.. but perhaps i am a tad too serious about this animation. In any case, great execution from the artists.

      • Ana_ñ says:

        My thoughts were also in that line, Inge, but I attributed it to what I’m seeing presently in Spain and Europe, that is, throwing people away as useless objects to balance the books. And I said to myself, too gloomy to comment. Sorry.

  5. Lisa Shaw says:

    Good for you on that award! 🙂

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