Possible misnaming

I promise not to turn this into a cat blog, but after catching up on the news today and reading about the police beating austerity protesters in Lisboa, Gaza firing rockets (again) and Israel responding with disproportionate force (again), and other unsettling reports, I decided to take a holiday from “real” news.

Hence today’s post. There is a possibility that we may have misnamed our new kitten.

Exhibit A: The kitten in question.


Exhibit B: Puss in Boots from the movie Shrek 2.

Puss In Boots

Clearly they are related.

However, I don’t recall Puss in Boots being a slave to laps, and Rumple truly is. We are having to teach ourselves to look before we sit, because chances are good that there’s a kitten happily positioned under our lowering butts, waiting for the lap to materialize and not quite getting the cause-and-effect part of the equation. He’s also not getting that bit about humans being klutzy regarding the placement of their feet when they walk.

Since I’ve never had a kitten this young, I’m fascinated by his little brain processes. I was up early this morning, and had Rumple purring in my lap, when my wife stumbled into the living room yawning and wearing her robe. Rumple immediately got huge eyes (I know, you wouldn’t think it would be possible) and curled into himself in a “I am hiding and very small” reaction. As soon as she touched him and he could scent her, he relaxed and resumed purring. I concluded that since he had not seen her robe before, she was a brand new being to him until he could identify her by scent. Sure enough, when she came back into the room half an hour later dressed for work, he showed exactly the same reaction. I’ve always known that cats take in far more information by scent than by vision, but this is the first time I’ve seen it played out so obviously.

Wonder what else he’s going to teach us?


About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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10 Responses to Possible misnaming

  1. Lisa Shaw says:

    Why are you not going to turn it into a cat blog, again? (OregonExCat?) I can see no reason why not. πŸ˜‰

  2. Archivistwolf says:

    You’ll learn a great deal….. My two favorites are Mario-Cat-Dreadi and the 1am “Mommy, I’m scared” yowl because she saw a shadow that she didn’t know.

  3. Cathy White says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I’m at the other end of the spectrum with an elderly gentleman of 18.5 years. I can see no possible drawbacks to a series of cat blogs πŸ™‚ On another topic, for some stunning pics google Australia Weather Calendar 2012 -telegraph. There are also links to next years calendar but the pics have got copyright marks on them which detract a bit. Amazing cloud formations.

  4. Inge says:

    I suspect he is trying to deceive you. He’ll be utter devilish when your back is turned.. lol


  5. xenatuba says:

    I completely understand the preference for cat blogging right now to the crap that is going on in the rest of the world. I feel like the U.S. election being over is only a bit of calm before the storm sets in here. (In a dyslexic share moment, two words which give me fist are “crab/carb” and “carp/crap”. You really don’t have to imagine what my first sentence read the first time I wrote it.)

    Sidebar on some of the “real news”: I just spent a week of in-service training, teaching defensive tactics, some of which was the differentiation between “force” and “control” and some other part was “tactical and personal considerations.” (The rest of it was striking, ground escape, and weapon retention, if you’re curious. “Ally’s Stuff” got about 30 minutes, and the rest was devoted to skills practice and execution. As always, the interactions with the students (a mixture of street cops, jail cops, and parole officers) and their questions about application illustrate how fine a line there is, or can be, between force and control, and how the situation really dictates an event, and often how difficult it can be to predict intent on the part of the person being controlled.

    That being said, have you seen the “Simon’s Cat” video “Double Trouble?” You might want to…

    • xenatuba says:

      Editing comments: “fist” really needs to be “fits”…that one is a typo. Second, an end parenthesis needs to go at the end of the word “curious”. Carp.

  6. JJ says:

    Get him a hat and a rapier then he’ll be all set for Shrek 5. Say, you could do a weekly kitty update/blog. I bet he’ll give you 52 reasons to brag about him via www including pics of course.

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