Random word playlist

I just stumbled across an interesting way to create a playlist in iTunes. I wanted to listen to “And I Will Kiss” again (from the London Olympic opening ceremony), but since I’m lazy, I just typed “kiss” into the search window. What turned up was a truly eclectic list:


Some of these tracks had completely slipped my memory, such as Al DiMeola’s “Southbound Traveler” and Edson Cordeiro’s “Kiss.” So I started at the top and had a great time reacquainting myself with music I hadn’t heard in a while. Then I tried other search terms, just to see what would happen. You’d be amazed at how many songs or album titles have the word “can’t” in them. I even got a 4-track playlist with “dog.” Predictably, “heart” makes a huge playlist, but the biggest one of all is “love.”

It’s too bad I don’t have much country music in my collection, because I’d love to try “truck.”


Completely off topic appeal to Portuguese readers (and especially Porto natives): We are heading north this week to visit family, and are planning to spend one day in Porto. If you had just one day in town, what would you want to see? Any recommendations for a restaurant with delicious (but not expensive) regional food? Scenic viewpoints? Factory/winery tours?

I’m probably going to wish we had more than one day…


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14 Responses to Random word playlist

  1. syrin says:

    I was in Porto a few weeks ago, and since I didn’t have that much time I started in Torre dos Clérigos and worked my way down to the river. In Ribeira, I crossed the bridge on foot to Cais de Gaia, and took a 1 hour cruise in the river (10€/person).
    The catacombs in Igreja de São Francisco are nice too, if you have some spare time.
    Oh, here’s a tip: the view from Torre dos Clérigos is great, and in the ticket office you can buy 50cl bottles of water for 50 cents. After a long day walking, it’s nice to find some cheap water to refuel. 😀

  2. Pedro Q. says:

    If you’re going to Porto (I’m a Porto native btw), you have to try the local course everyone loves: the Francesinha
    A good place to get it is the Cufra restaurante which is somewhat central. If you go to the Cais de Gaia as the reader above suggested (which is a great idea, the views are fantastic), you can try a Francesinha at the Mr. Grill restaurant.

  3. Lilaine says:

    I guess I don’t need to ask if you tried the most-used-ever search term… 😉

  4. Paulo says:

    Off the top of my head:
    Leaving aside the mandatory Francesinha (oh hi, Lilaine 🙂 ), for which you may get 367 recommendations on “where the best one can be found” (which is of course in Regaleira, on a small street that goes from Praça D. João I to Rua Sá da Bandeira, having the advantage of being the place where the dish was invented… for which I score extra points!), there is a consistently good and not too pricey restaurant downtown with a wide range of our gastronomical wonders. It’s called “Abadia” and it has a really nice feel to it – tiles on the wall à la Trindade, that kind of thing. Not far from Regaleira either, so you could go for one of the two, and there’s underground parking in Praça D.João I.

    Vinho do Porto: if I were to pick just one place to visit, it would definitely be Taylor’s. They have great tours, very good guides and, well, they have the best Port Wine. The 20 year Tawny is my Port of choice.

    The restaurants I mentioned have the advantage of being downtown, not far from the both Ribeiras (Porto and Gaia), in the beating and slightly clogged heart of the city.

    If you had more time, I would also suggest the Solar do Vinho do Porto, more to the Boavista area, for a relaxing sunset overlooking the river and the Arrábida bridge, sipping – what else – Port Wine. Ha.

    Damn, it’s hard to suggest anything for a one day stay – I just had a similar problem with friends from Sacramento visiting Portland over the weekend. It’s either a flash-tour or a “let’s just pick two or three places and try to decide which ones without setting the brain on fire in the process”.

    The drive from Ribeira towards the sea along the Douro is very nice.

    And whatever suggestions you already got or will get here are as good as mine.
    Enjoy, carago!

  5. Paulo says:

    I shouldn’t have checked this. Now I will be feeling miserable all day.

    • MJ Valente says:

      Now I’m feeling miserable too. 😛
      Ah… but I’ll feel better later next week. Porto & Abadia: here we go!

      • Paulo says:

        Ah, being a drive away from Polvo à Lagareiro, Tripas à moda do Porto, Cabrito assado, or Filetes de Pescada no Aleixo (make a note for the next trip: the best filetes de pescada ou de polvo com arroz do mesmo this side of the Solar System. Em Campanhã – prices a bit above average, but worth a visit)…

  6. oregon expat says:

    I looked up “Francesinha” thinking that it would be a dessert pastry of some sort, and OH MY GOD, I felt my arteries slam shut just looking at the photographs! Okay, that will clearly take some planning — and probably fasting — beforehand.

    Thank you for all of the suggestions; these are great! I’m taking notes.

    • Paulo says:

      It’s a healthy snack. Cheese, bread, sausage, ham, cheese, spicy sauce made with beer, more beer, what can be wrong about that?
      Now seriously – I thought it was bad until I had a Philly cheesesteak. Once. Never again.

  7. Carla Fernandes @Galway, Ireland says:

    I love Porto! My advice is to start at at Torre dos Clérigos (take your time going up!) and come down slowly towards the Ribeira. On your way, look around Av. dos Aliados, it’s charming. For Francesinhas, you can check this website – http://francesinhas.com/ – it has a ranking of places serving it. I personally liked the ones at Café Santiago (R. Passos Manuel, 226), near the Coliseu, but the service is not that good. Another of my favourite places is A Conga (R. do Bonjardim, 294), not too far from Teatro Rivoli, which serves some really good papas de sarrabulho (don’t be discouraged by the looks of it, just try them anyway) and bifanas, but Porto style (small pieces of meat instead of a whole pork steak, in a small bun and LOADS of sauce). Spend some time at both Ribeira do Porto and Ribeira de Gaia, cross the bridge on foot, go and see the Porto wine cellars. The river cruises are interesting to have another perspective of the city. If you prefer a museum, Museu Soares dos Reis is a nice bet, especially on week days. For gardens and sightseeing, the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal are a good choice. If you want both nice gardens and a contemporary good museum, try Fundação de Serralves, at Boavista. You can check their programme online at http://www.serralves.pt

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