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Curiosity odds and ends

Lest you think I’ve forgotten about our latest and largest Martian robot, here are a few nifty bits for the weekend. First of all, if you have an iPad, iPhone, or any smart device with an accelerometer, go to this … Continue reading

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Porto’s most famous bookstore

One icon I really wanted to see in Porto was its famous bookstore (indeed, one of the most famous in the world), Livraria Lello & Irmão. I’d read about its gorgeous interior architecture, and it did not disappoint. I nearly … Continue reading

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Porto laundry

We’re home! — and happily looking forward to sleeping in our own beds tonight. It’s funny, as a child I remember my parents making “Oh god what a relief” comments about getting to sleep in their own bed after a … Continue reading

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Oof — stuffed!

Today we made a return trip to Porto for a full-day tourist extravaganza. Having just now arrived at our lodgings (it’s nearly 23:00), I’m too tired to post all that I want to, so this will have to suffice: The … Continue reading

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An American cookie

In Aveiro today, we spotted a small kiosk with a large sign declaring that it sold “Bolachas Americanas,” meaning American cookies. Since the availability of American-style cookies (chocolate chip! peanut butter oatmeal!) in Portugal ranges somewhere between rare and nonexistent, … Continue reading

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Douro cruise

Guess what we did today? This is a rabelo, a boat native to the Douro River, which in yon olden days was used to haul wine casks from the inland vineyards down to the Porto wine cellars. The railroad rendered … Continue reading

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The Cork Museum

Today it…rained. I’m still in shock. I’d forgotten what rain looked like, after unending weeks of heat management in the Algarve. My wife points out that the forecast for our destination did indeed call for rain, and I said, “Yes, … Continue reading

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Off to the north

We’re off to the Great White North — I mean, the north of Portugal. Many thanks to those who commented and emailed with Porto suggestions; we’ve got a lovely list to work with! (Crowdsourcing: the real strength of the Internet.) … Continue reading

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One drop of water

You’re hiking along on a hot summer day, and that clear, cold stream you’ve just crossed seems too good to pass up. Leaning down, you scoop up a handful of water and drink… …unless you’re a microbiologist, of course. In … Continue reading

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Random word playlist

I just stumbled across an interesting way to create a playlist in iTunes. I wanted to listen to “And I Will Kiss” again (from the London Olympic opening ceremony), but since I’m lazy, I just typed “kiss” into the search … Continue reading

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