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NBC does something right

Amid the storm of criticism against NBC for airing its Olympic coverage long after the rest of the world has seen (and tweeted) all of the events, a Gawker blogger notes that the channel managed to do something right. Here … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

I’d thought of a London wallpaper, in honor of the Games, but decided to go a bit further afield. This is Southend-on-Sea, in Essex. The blue light and utter stillness of the air (as evidenced by the clear reflections) say … Continue reading

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London opening ceremony = wow

(AP Photo/Morrey Gash) Holy COW that was fun! As we watched the replay of the 2008 Beijing opening ceremony, my wife said, “This is kind of cruel to London, showing this right before their effort.” I agreed, because Beijing’s ceremony … Continue reading

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Lazy Olympic day

Since today is all about preparing for massive TV watching (because the Eurosport Channel is airing the Beijing opening ceremonies before the London ceremonies, and I’m excited about rewatching the Beijing extravaganza in high definition, whee!), I’m taking a lazy … Continue reading

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And now, to prepare for the Olympics

We’re stockpiling beer and pretzels for the opening ceremonies tomorrow (and feeling quite chuffed that they’re in our time zone), and I’ve been reading up on London’s preparations/dilemmas/scandals related to the Olympics. In the process, I ran across this wonderful … Continue reading

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Geeky goodness

As a bibliophile and certified geek, this little DIY project for hiding your router made my heart go pitter pat: Could it be more perfect? Find an old hardback with an interesting title, tear out the pages, slide your router … Continue reading

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Breaking one last barrier

Dr. Sally Ride broke a huge barrier in 1983, when she became the first American woman in space. After a second trip into space a year later, she embarked on a long and distinguished career in physics and education, directing … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

A lone tree in a farmer’s field, somewhere in Switzerland. The photographer writes: After braking hard, a couple of peeved drivers passed by me and I got out of my car to take a photo of this lonely tree, sitting … Continue reading

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From Portugal to Spain: We’re (chuckle) so sorry. Really.

Oh, poor Spain. First it was the crash in the construction industry, which cratered the economy. Then it was the horrific unemployment rate, which is at the same level the US saw during the Great Depression. Then the bank bailout. … Continue reading

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The Pete French Round Barn

A few days ago I told you to remember the name of Peter French, who has been immortalized as half the name of Frenchglen, Oregon. But while most visitors to eastern Oregon have no idea where Frenchglen’s name came from, … Continue reading

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