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Sea turtle rescue

Posted because a) this is where I used to live, b) I’ve had the privilege of seeing rehabbed sea turtles up close and personal, c) the man on the left is a former coworker, but mostly: d) this has got … Continue reading

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Trash in a volcano

I finally got the chance to catch up on some of my “where do you find this stuff?!” newsfeeds, and came across this fabulous video of an experiment that most of us would love to perform. The question answered by … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Looks like the view from an expensive hotel, doesn’t it? It’s the back deck belonging to my good friends at the coast, who obviously live in paradise. The morning that I left, I stood in their kitchen writing a last-minute … Continue reading

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Geek glow

Ordered yesterday: the 13-inch MacBook Air with a 256 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM. I am now bouncing up and down waiting for it to arrive, so that I can have a full geek day of setting up … Continue reading

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Dressed for success

I had a lovely trip to the coast: managed to get in three hikes, saw several friends (and met a new one), stuffed my face with good food (including the Mexican food I’d been craving), saw Prometheus (and guffawed over … Continue reading

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Home grown

One thing I love about visiting my gardener friend at the coast: home grown produce! We had a magnificent meal last night, which included this salad made by yours truly (with supervision regarding flower choices). The cucumber and blueberries were … Continue reading

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Home again

I’m back on the Oregon coast, having driven over yesterday. There’s a moment, when you’ve carved through all the curves and topped out the last pass, that the ocean suddenly appears and you know you’ve arrived at a magic place. … Continue reading

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Pine pollen

The commenters have it: all that yellow was pine pollen. And for those who haven’t seen it on a lake surface before, here’s a pulled-back view. This was just one cove; the pollen was thick as pea soup in many … Continue reading

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Lizard and…?

Here’s the close-up of the lizard (which I still have to identify). It was a cutie, with a fatter profile than I usually see on lizards and a pair of protruding scales over the eyes that looked like horns. It … Continue reading

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Find the lizard

This is a little unfair, given the maximum 450-pixel size of images in this blog, but you can click the image to go to a larger size — and then see if you can find the lizard. I don’t even … Continue reading

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