After several days of running errands and replenishing stocks of things I can’t get in Portugal, my parents and I finally got out in the countryside for a little waterfall hike. It was so lovely to be amongst big trees and running water! And I found an old friend:

wild iris

My ID books are all back home, but if memory serves, this is Iris tenax, the lovely wild iris of Oregon forests. So nice to see it! (And the waterfalls, and the trees, and the busily singing wrens…ahhhh.)


About Fletcher DeLancey

Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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7 Responses to Ahhh

  1. mudlips says:

    Yes, wrens singing in the woods! Did you know that while you’ve been away they changed the common name of Troglodytes pacificus? Now called Pacific Wren, not Winter Wren. Ahh, I sure liked the old name better.

  2. Power Wench says:

    Hear your favorite Swainson’s Thrushes yet? They arrived 2-3
    weeks ago but only started singing here in the last 2-3 days. And we have one “pet” who is frequenting the yard and veg garden.

  3. If Dr. Pepper’s is one of those things you can’t buy in Portugal, know that there is a small supermarket in Vilamoura that sells that wretched drink.

  4. Ana_ñ says:

    How lovely!!!

    After a pragmatic and prosaic beginning…
    That post ending…
    You seem in the mood for some bucolic and pastoral writing. 🙂

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