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After several days of running errands and replenishing stocks of things I can’t get in Portugal, my parents and I finally got out in the countryside for a little waterfall hike. It was so lovely to be amongst big trees … Continue reading

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Going to the movies

It’s so different, going to the movies here! Things have changed — when did this business begin of showing TV previews for 15 minutes prior to the film? Why am I paying for a theater ticket so that I can … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

I thought about doing a series of Oregon wallpapers, but decided that might be too predictable…so here’s one from southern Sweden. The photographer writes: “These steps are what separate colorful fields from a nature reserve. Taken close to Ängelsbäcksstrand.” It … Continue reading

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The expatriate dichotomy

I arrived in Seattle Friday afternoon, and what a flight that was! We descended over the North Cascades, in all their sharp-edged, snowy glory, and passed between towering pillars of cumulus clouds, which instantly put me in mind of a … Continue reading

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Taking off

I’m in Lisboa now, readying for an early morning departure for that big continent to the west. Posting is going to be sporadic for a few days — the travel time is around 25 hours, and then there’s that jet … Continue reading

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There is hope!

Long term readers of this blog will know that I harbor a special distaste for careless dog owners. Actually that might be a bit of an understatement: I think anyone who lets their dog poop in a public place and … Continue reading

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The perils of living with a zooarchaeologist

I’m in the process of packing for my trip back to Oregon. Since it’s going to be a long trip, I borrowed my wife’s huge hard-sided suitcase — the one she bought for her 10-week trip to visit me, back … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

In honor of my trip back to Oregon (starting this week!), here’s one of my favorite lighthouses on the Oregon coast: Heceta Head. I used to live about a half hour’s drive north of this, and frequently hiked the trail … Continue reading

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Headline of the day

Man uses iPhone app to revive stunned bird Fabulous.

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Festa das Tochas video

You know what the great thing is about having friends with cameras? They make videos, so you don’t have to! My friend Karyn has put up a 3-minute video of the Festa das Tochas (which I posted about last month). … Continue reading

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