Tram 28

If there’s one thing a new tourist must do upon visiting Lisboa, it’s to take the Tram 28 on its route up and down the steep, narrow streets of the oldest parts of the city. And so we took our guests for a ride.

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

The thing about Tram 28 is that it’s not just for tourists. It’s usually packed with locals as well, because some of the streets the tram traverses are so narrow that a bus can’t fit. (In fact, some of them are so narrow that you’re well advised not to stick your arm out the tram’s open windows, or you’ll get your fingers scraped off.) So for public transportation, the tram is it. For me, that adds to the charm. It’s not a tourist trap, it’s a workaday public transit car that happens to travel one of the coolest routes in the city.

Our guests loved their ride on Tram 28, as it rattled and jerked its way past the Sé de Lisboa, past the two most popular scenic overlooks, and into the Graça district. We hopped off near the Convento da Graça and went to the overlook just behind the church. This one isn’t as well-known to the tourists, but it offers a lovely view of the old city.

old town Lisboa

I snapped this photo from the overlook (click to embiggen) while our guests were commenting on how much the scene reminded them of San Francisco, what with the tram, the steep hills, and the bridge.

Personally, I think the castle is kind of a giveaway.

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4 Responses to Tram 28

  1. restlessjo says:

    I thought the area round the Miradouro da Graca was a bit rundown and shabby when we were there, but no faulting the views. Now I’m intrigued as to what an Oregonian (is there such an expression?) is doing in Lisbon.

    • oregon expat says:

      Yes, there is such an expression as “Oregonian.” You got it right; that’s what we call ourselves. As for what I’m doing in Lisbon — I live in southern Portugal, and was taking friends for a tour.

  2. xenatuba says:

    And this Oregonian was visiting new friends in Portugal, who took us to Lisbon. It does remind me a lot of San Francisco, although the streets are narrower and there are no castles in the City. Nice overlooks from quite a few different places. And yummy pastries.

  3. The tram is not just for tourists but it is mostly used by tourists. That’s why I find it surprising that the interiors don’t have a map or diagram of all the stops with the major sights at each one. Most people end up not knowing what they’re seeing or what they could find nearby. Not even guidebooks provide that info. But here’s a good source/virtual tour:
    It should also be noted that the 28 also has a shorter route, only going between the Estrela basilica and the neighborhood of Graça (by the wonderful viewpoint on your photo!)

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