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Wallpaper Monday

Looks like fantasy art, doesn’t it? But it’s real: this is the Millau Viaduct in southern France. As the photographer notes: It is the current record holder for tallest bridge by structural height (343 meters/1125 feet). When you look at … Continue reading

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Best space photo EVER.

Yes, it really is a rubber chicken that has been launched into space. Even better, it was a high school group that did it. You can learn a bit more about it from National Geographic’s “Space Pictures This Week,” which … Continue reading

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Tram 28

If there’s one thing a new tourist must do upon visiting Lisboa, it’s to take the Tram 28 on its route up and down the steep, narrow streets of the oldest parts of the city. And so we took our … Continue reading

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Finding Portland

A hot tip landed in my inbox yesterday, from a Portuguese expat living in Portland: the folks at Uncage the Soul, who produced that gorgeous “Finding Oregon” film, have done it again. This time they’ve showcased Portland, Oregon’s largest city, … Continue reading

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Oregon photogeology

Oh wow, a tour that combines three of my loves: Oregon, geology, and photography! I have got to hop on this one. Alas, that’s not an embedded video (curses upon WordPress), but if you click it you’ll be taken to … Continue reading

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Archaeologist humor

My wife came home from the university smiling over a joke she’d heard: In Italy, a team of archaeologists digs down to the Roman stratum and finds a copper cable. They immediately toast each other with wine, saying, “What a … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

A classic from one of my favorite wallpaper artists, Vlad Gerasimov. What would the world look like if the continents were oceans, and the oceans were continents? (Click on the image to fantasize.)

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Saturday picture show

At the risk of looking like a one-note blog, I couldn’t resist posting this after seeing it come through my Atlantic newsfeed. It’s a video put together using raw images from NASA’s Cassini and Voyager missions, and it’s awesome. (I … Continue reading

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Naked Man Orchid

Earlier this week, I went up into the hills behind our flat to see if the local orchids had been squelched by the drought. To my delight, I found they had not — at least four different species were happily … Continue reading

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Cervejaria Trindade

As a western American, I am genetically predisposed, and culturally raised, to love a good steak. Alas, while the Portuguese are superlative chefs with pork, lamb, goat, and any number of fish and shellfish species, they’re not so great with … Continue reading

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