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Wallpaper Monday

Cassini project leader Carolyn Porco tweeted this image with the comment: And now to remind us all what really matters..a fantasy view of Saturn in artful b&w, w/ its moon Tethys. Revel in it! It does look like a fantasy … Continue reading

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Saturday picture show

For the bug lovers among you, check out the gorgeous photography of Ondrej Pakan. You can waste a happy hour browsing this gallery, and there are plenty of wallpaper-worthy images in the collection. The files themselves are not large, but … Continue reading

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Notice of intermittent blogging

Friends from my hometown are coming for their first taste (in some cases literally) of Portuguese culture, so expect intermittent blogging for the next two weeks. We’ll be touring around a bit, and of course hitting all of our favorite … Continue reading

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Extreme book art

I love this quote: “There’s book art…and then there’s extreme book art.” Check out Judy Berman’s Flavorwire article on Spanish artist Alicia Martín, who created the stunning installation shown above at Madrid’s Casa de America. The article features photos of … Continue reading

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Rita Hayworth, Stayin’ Alive

Did you know that you can take a bunch of footage of Rita Hayworth and her various costars (including Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly) dancing, put it to the music of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees, and it works … Continue reading

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Going to remember this one

My wife came up with a new-to-me Portuguese saying last week, which is one of the least “bem educado” (well-mannered, or properly brought up) things I’ve heard from her. Which, of course, is why it cracked me up. After an … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Mokolii, Hawaii, just off the coast of Oahu. I love the contrast of the threatening skies — and the visible rain squalls — with the turquoise water. (Click the image to islandate. It’s linked to the “X2” size — there … Continue reading

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When health insurance will cost more than annual income

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the high costs of health coverage in the US, and the ensuing commentary was quite interesting. So this recent headline from my home state paper caught my eye: Health insurance will cost … Continue reading

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Driverless cars

This video has been dropping jaws all over the tech blogosphere. It’s a model of what a (freaking huge!) intersection would look like if traffic signals and human driver decisions were eliminated in favor of total computer control: individual computers … Continue reading

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“How real people will use Windows 8”

Chris Pirillo is a computer geek. His dad is not. As an experiment to see how an average, non-geeky user will react to Windows 8, Chris plopped his dad in front of the computer and let him try to figure … Continue reading

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