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Submarine cables

Whew, just managing to post under the wire and still call it Friday… If you’ve ever wondered about those mysterious undersea cables that news stories refer to every now and then — which carry almost all of our telecommunications and … Continue reading

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Jazzing at the dry cleaners

The great thing about artists is they hear or see art in places the rest of us don’t. Like, for instance, the percussive potential of a dry cleaning shop, discovered by Diego Stocco: I used a puff iron, press and … Continue reading

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Bill = receipt

Today we received a bill from UPS for an overnight international package that we shipped last month. When we shipped it, we paid cash. Nearly 70 euros worth, in fact, so you can imagine that I was a little perturbed … Continue reading

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Our lying printer

A few months back, we bought a new Canon inkjet printer. We’d been fairly unhappy with the old one, but the final straw was when it ran out of ink in all five cartridges simultaneously. We added up the cost … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Photographer Lorenzo Menendez describes his entry into this year’s National Geographic Photo Contest: One morning while on the Big Island of Hawaii i [was] exploring my surroundings to see if i could find something to photograph. I almost went back … Continue reading

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Rethinking the death penalty

I’m taking tomorrow off to focus on a video project, but in the meantime, here’s a big one to throw out there. I’m rethinking my stance on the death penalty. Though the issue is hugely polarizing in American politics, I … Continue reading

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Earth from above

This video has been making geeks and space nerds squee loudly. It’s a time-lapse, put together from 600 still photos shot from the International Space Station as it flew over North and South America. The whole thing is magical, but … Continue reading

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Just what Portugal didn’t need

Portugal, apparently jealous of Italy and Greece for getting all the bad press these days, recently learned that the autonomous region of Madeira has been lying about its debt. Oh, did I say “lying”? Apparently the preferred phrase is “failed … Continue reading

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The PNW rocks

The PNW — Pacific Northwest, for those of you not familiar with the upper left corner of the United States — is an awesome place for many reasons. Here are two of them, from the recent news. 1. Oregon: A … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

(Click the image to solarize.) Here’s a place we haven’t gone before: right to the surface of the Sun. From the Astronomy Photo of the Day: This stunning image shows remarkable details of a dark sunspot across the image bottom … Continue reading

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